Hawaiian 510 Cartridge from Dab Bods

Hawaiian 510 Cartridge from Dab Bods

It’s Squidpants here checking out a full gram cart from Dab Bods.  Carts are a mixed bag so let’s see how this one measures up.


Hawaiian is a bit of a vague descriptor.  That’s what the package says though, “Strain Profile: Hawaiian”.  It tastes like pineapple and flowers so I guess that’s the Hawaiian experience distilled down right there.  What were the genetics?  I don’t know exactly, but they heavily imply that this is a true representation of whatever the source plant genetics were.

Dab Bods

Dab Bods is a concentrate focused brand which aims to provide decent quality at a good price.  They have extracts, infused pre-rolls and carts for sale, some seem more likely to be custom flavoured than others, but they imply everything is extracted from cannabis only.

Comparison to Flower

Well I can’t compare this to the specific genetics in question but I can at least compare it to cannabis in a more generic sense.  From this perspective this isn’t bad at all.  The cart itself does emit a bit of a smell, and that scent is skunky, earthy weed.  On the draw and exhale pineapple dominates with strong floral notes.  Although it’s highly unlikely the original cannabis had anywhere near this magnitude of pineapple taste, it’s not off putting.

Hardware and Contents

I decided to use this cart for a while before reviewing it, partly to see if the hardware failed and partly to see how the oil held up over time and use.

The hardware is solidly built and has performed quite well.  I am most of the way through the cart now and not a hint of clogging.

Oil is darker than distillate offerings and highly viscous, but taste and vapour quality are both quite good.  They describe the product as Full Spectrum Extract Shatter, which obviously doesn’t tell the whole story as the contents are not a brittle solid.  Otherwise the package says this only contains cannabis extract so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say this product is less processed than others probably.


Well, here’s the thing.  I lost the receipt and have been just using this every now and then over a few months now so I have no idea when exactly I bought this or what I paid.  I checked a few listings and note that this and other offerings from the same company seem to lay within the $30 to $40 range for a one gram cart, which places them closer to the bottom than the top prices in the product category.  I have paid more for carts I found to be of far lower quality.  The main value question here is if you like the cannabis plus a bit extra taste wise where said enhanced taste is possible sourced from elsewhere, or not.


I liked this.  I think it’s a mix of naturally occurring and added flavours, but since I have no idea what the original material was I can’t be sure.  Regardless, I did enjoy this, and the price isn’t too bad.  Been a while since I was happy with a cart purchase, and I am happy with this one.