Foray Salted Caramel

Foray Salted Caramel
Chocolate Reviews

Reviewed 3rd of the 7 chocolate reviews I completed in March.

As I said before, there’s no set protocol with these reviews. I try to get you all the sensory observations needed to approach the product; and I’ll tell you what I liked about it, or what I didn’t.

Consumer Report

I’ve decided not to add price and content calculations to this review. Instead, check this link for a report that covers all chocolate products from a consumer’s perspective. 


No quadrants on this one, big square.

Appears not to be caramel filled.


Smell is milk chocolate, have to get close to sense it.


Requires some force to break, has a good crisp snap.


Taste of super sweet caramel takes over the milk chocolate. Taste are uniform but the caramel provides the cutting edge. Chocolates seem almost toasted.

No cannabis tastes detected.


I compared this with the Daily Special Milk Chocolate with Mocha, which I liked better for the blended tastes. This one had a sweeter element that stands proud of the rest of the flavours, with the burnt or toasted chocolate note. Although it wasn’t my top preference, this still brought a basic level of quality that some people may prefer.