Glacial Gold 10mg THC Soft Gels

Glacial Gold 10mg THC Soft Gels

Looking at some Glacial Gold 10mg THC soft gels I bought because they were on sale. Just thought I'd try them out.

When I bought them I just grabbed a single bottle but the bud tender said some people come in a buy a bunch. This entire 1000mg package is equivalent to under a half gram (0.49g) of dried flower, so you could feasibly buy 60 of these at a time ($3450).


I used these 100 soft gels from March 8th to April 2nd. That’s 25 days of use. On average, I used four soft gels per day, mainly on weekdays. I avoided using them on weekends, but sometimes took up to 10 per dose during the week, avoiding redosing.


The effects were satisfactory. THC-dominant edibles tend to extend the time between my cannabis inhalations. For example, if I usually vape every two hours, with an edible, it becomes every four hours. I also tend to use my first dose of cannabis much later in the day if I take an edible earlier.

I didn’t find the effects overly intoxicating. They were satisfying, with a low ceiling. Taking 10 pills at once had similar effects to taking six, just over a longer period.


At about $58 before tax, the price per dose is around $0.58. Taking 10 capsules amounts to about a $6 hundred-milligram dosage. Comparatively, this is similar in price to a package of gummies, which typically offers only 10mg doses.

I would buy these again. They were convenient and reasonably priced for the form they come in.

However, I plan to try a different method by diluting some distillate into olive oil and adding them to capsules. This will allow for stronger dosages at a lower cost, although it will require assembly and won’t have the soft gel capsule form.

I enjoyed this product and would consider purchasing it again, if making my own turns out to be too much work.


Thanks for reading. See you for the next one.


Narrator: pancake was able to procure distillate from an online retailer for less than $10 per gram (~$0.01 per 10mg dose), and he made his own capsules that were strong AF (~90mg each). After going through those, he found distillate for $4 per gram at a 420 sale and made some more capsules that were also strong AF (<$0.01 per 10mg dose). Later on, pancake got bored with taking so many AF strength capsules, calling them 'laborious', and put the rest in the freezer for some other time.