Greybeard Trufflez

Trufflez provided deep flavour, without any negative tastes. An attractive flavour profile and handiness made this a useful product.

Greybeard Trufflez

Wanted to get a vape cartridge but also branch out from my usual store, which is the Crowfoot Canna Cabana. Took a look at one of the nearby competitiors and found 13th Floor so I thought I'd go by and take a look.

13th Floor

This is a chain of 3 stores in the Calgary area. There is a theme to these stores. Decor of the Silver Springs location was black and brass with some elevator stuff going on. Staff dress like a elevator operators (I'm guessing), but you could mistake them for an upscale steamboat captain or perhaps a pianast who drives to the city to play at smokey jazz clubs on Sunday nights because she knows nobody from her town's church group will be there to see her cut loose. It's got an old timey-feel; the employees wear collared shirts and vests, but they also sell reefer. That's what I'm trying to say.

I went into the store pretty open as to what I wanted. Just told the bud tender I was looking for a live resin cartridge and took their recommendation when I noticed the price.


When I went to buy this cartridge I was prepared to spend around $40. With the first-timer store discount I paid $36. I read a Reddit review on the same product where the person paid $50 in Ontario so I thought the price I paid was pretty good.


The cartridge is 74.99% THC, 10.43% terpenes and less than 0.25% CBD. This sums to 85.67%, leaving 14.33% of 'space'.

Price Per 100mg of Cannabinoid Content

Doing the math that’s $4.70 per 100 mg of cannabinoid content. At the time of writing our current average is $6.19 per 100 mg of cannabinoid content. This Trufflez cartridge is $1.49 less in the price per 100 mg of any cannabinoid or a decrease of 31.70% from our current average.


The flavour has good dimension and richness in the earth tone flavors. For instance, there is a distribution of woodsy-soil tastes, paired with slight fruits that make the flavour profile something you wanna keep coming back too. The fruit aspect is slight and easy to miss, especially if you’re not using the cart first thing before anything else. I find my olfactory response sets in quite quickly. For most people walking off the street and picking this up I would say don’t expect any zkittles influence.

The other nice thing to mention about this cart is it taste very clean. There are no impure or off tastes, which is some thing I complain about with CO2 and alcohol extractions. This taste like a fairly pure product. It’s trendy for some people to give distillate carts a hard time, but they share the same positive aspect as I mentioning here, devoid of any impure taste.


Trufflez provided flavour in good dimension, without any negative or off tastes. The depth of flavour was somewhat close to what you'd get from dried flower. Not exact, near or similar, but somewhat close. Coupled with the ease of use offered by a 510 cartridge, this has been a useful product that I prefer over traditional concentrate usage in certain situations, like when time is a factor or when I'm concentrated on something else.

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