Rosin Infused Baklouti Green Chili Olive Oil

Rosin Infused Baklouti Green Chili Olive Oil

Hey pancakenap here with a home made review today. I infused some flavoured olive oil with cannabis rosin to make an edible oil that tastes good. If this seems interesting to you, stick around.


I have some homemade hash rosin sitting in my freezer. It’s the third press, so it’s a bit darker, and I thought it might be good to use it for an edible.


The basic steps are to prepare the cannabis material and to mix the prepared cannabis into the oil. I didn’t filter or do anything beyond adding heat to the cannabis material, which is possible with rosin any other concentrates.


The first of the two basic steps, preparing the cannabis, is the most difficult. This involves decarboxylating the rosin, which I always prefer to do using a double boiler. This is because the temperature inside a double boiler is on the low side of where decarboxylation occurs, and because I believe the heat is fairly consistent inside the chamber. I’m using an induction stove, so that isn’t really true (the heat delivery is very inconsistent).

The first thing I did was get the water boiling and get some steam inside the upper chamber of the double boiler. I weighed my cannabis material out to 4.12 g of rosin. I placed a stainless steel receptacle inside the double boiler and allowed it to heat. After a minute or two, I placed the glob of rosin into the stainless steel receptacle.

After about one minute of heating, the rosin began to bubble and spread out in the receptacle. I also noticed that it turned a bit of a lighter colour, which made me second guess if this was a good use of it. The bubbling continued vigorously for 10 minutes and then tapered off over the next 20 minutes. A small amount of simmering was still occurring at the 30-minute mark when I took it off the heat.


Using an empty 30 mL glass bottle and a stainless steel funnel, I added the rosin to the glass bottle while still hot. Once the stainless steel receptacle had cooled slightly, I added my selection of olive oil in to wash out the remaining cannabis residue. After two rinses, the receptacle was clean, and I added both to the glass bottle via the stainless steel funnel. The cannabis and olive oil mixture had formed a bilayer inside the glass bottle, and to remedy this, I ran the container with closed lid under hot water for one minute and shook it vigorously.


I used a spreadsheet to estimate the minimum and maximum cannabinoid contents for the amount of rosin. I subtracted an amount for the efficiency of the decarboxylation reaction and 13% for the molecular mass of the carbonyl group that is lost during decarboxylation. I estimate that the concentration of THC in the bottle is around 70 mg/mL.

Crude Rosin (g)4.12
Min THC, estimated (mg)2472
Max THC, estimated (mg)3502
Average THC, estimated (mg)2987
Decarboxylation efficiency (mg), estimated 15% loss2538.95
Less Carboxylic Acid Group (mg), ~12% loss2226.65915
Volume of Glass Container (mL)29
mg/mL of THC (estimated)76.78135

The olive oil I chose to use is a Baklouti Green Chili flavoured olive oil by evooution.

The taste of the oil is fresh and hot, with notes of lemongrass, toasted sesame seeds, and green chili.

I find the blend I made tastes best on its own and I don’t really notice a cannabis taste when I use it. I put it in my pocket for a few minutes before using it. When warm, I give it a good shake.


I’ve added the olive oil to scrambled eggs and found the cannabis taste came out a little more, and the chili flavour takes a background, which I didn’t prefer.


Hummus has been, by far, the best application for this olive oil. The hummus brings the green chili flavour and disguises the cannabis flavour. I put a double fried potato chip in there to add some crunch. My partner is a dietician but she’s cool with buying chips and junk. “Everything in moderation” she says. But of course I wolfed this whole bag the day we bought it, which is why I only had a broken chip for the photo. I put the bag in the garbage outside and hope that’s the last I hear about it. It brings a healthy amount of danger to my life. I’m getting away from the point here; she makes the hummus and it’s awesome with this olive oil.


Cannabis oils would be the easiest or distillate. These products would be decarboxylated already, you could just mix it with the oil of your choice.

Shatter, rosin, live resin and wax also work well. You can achieve a high potency product but you’ll have to decarboxylate most of the THC.

Flower and kief would work as well but you’d have to use a method not discussed here.


To estimate the THC content of this product I used the average between a maximum of 85% THC and a minimum of 60% THC. Both of which are totally arbitrary selections. I went with an average of about 73%THC, which came out to an estimated 77mg/mL. Had this rosin been nearer to the 85% maximum used, the content would be over 100mg/mL. The same is true for the minimum, which would put the concentration down near 50mg/mL.

There’s an additional source of error with respect to the estimation of the efficiency of the decarboxylation step. I estimated I was 85% efficient, with a 15% loss, but anything could have happened in there (except a total loss).

If having a rough idea of content is important to you, its another reason to look at making this product using a legal shatter or distillate. You’ll get to know the exact concentration, and with something like distillate you won’t need to decarboxylate it.


Most of the terpenes and flavonoids present in the rosin were lost in the decarboxylation step, I surmise. Some molecules with vaporization points above water likely made it into the olive oil and were denatured by my stomach acid, thus rendering an ineffective olfactory molecule. Plus it’s in my stomach.

But let’s say there are cannabis terpenes in the olive oil and they are in the process of mixing with my stomach acid, I have to burp and some of those olfactory molecules travel up my esophagus and make it back to the taste receptors in my mouth. It’s a common symptom of taking a strong edible; a touch of reflux that tastes like cannabis. If my body is absorbing THC at the same time, is this the entourage effect in action? With the science we have now, I’d say “Sure, why not?”


Thanks for reading the post!