-ness East Coast Brunch

The flavour profile has a bit of a twist away from your typical cream and gas with earth tastes, but it’s not so much of a departure where it’s something new. That could be good or bad depending on, what you’re looking for.

-ness East Coast Brunch

Hey everybody, we are reviewing package of -ness East Coast Brunch today.

I purchased this in August 2023 from Value Buds when I was buying the Silky Continental Crossbow product and this kind of ended up stealing the show. Not only does it have interesting olfaction. It also came out of the package looking pretty good. I wouldn’t call it a hit, but it sure isn’t a miss. It ends up being a very nice, enjoyable little song. Let me walk you through it.

This review summarizes the qualitative observations I made while using this product. Afterward, we compare the price, content, and package length of this particular purchase with the averages we're monitoring for all purchases. Lastly, we examine the sales and market figures we're tracking for this product over time.


The visuals were pretty standard with a few detractions, and also a few positive features. Colouring remains in the neutral, green tones, no purple, but you do get good trichome coverage. Bud size ranges from very good to popcorn, but I was happy with the composition. I received a large bud that was probably at least 2 g size and the popcorn was limited to five or so pieces.


It felt good. I would call it fresh.


Since are a fairly unassuming mix of gas and cream, it comes off, well blended nearly homogenous.


Tastes are gassy pine, twisted up with mint, ginger and vanilla followed by a dry earth mix that touches back to the gas. The leave is also earthy, and dry, somewhat like champagne, which is quite sticky and tends to pull the character away from the sweet sides.


In the summary, this offering isn't going to light your world on fire, but it sure doesn't slouch. The flavour profile has a bit of a twist away from your typical cream and gas with earth tastes, but it’s not so much of a departure where it’s something new. That could be good or bad depending on, what you’re looking for.

Flavour character stays in the main stream enough to have familiarity, but comes with a bit of a different aroma that it might feel like something new. I’m just not sure how far that actually goes, you might have to be looking for it or else the slight difference will fade in with everything else. Either way, whether it meets your flavour or not, it likely meets your price point. So it’s nice to chew the fat about the nuances in the flavour profile, I can tell you this likely hits most of the critical elements that makes for a good purchase.

Price Analysis

Price for the 7 g package was $45.90 which calculates $6.57 per gram which is 7% higher in the average of a 7 gram package according to our personal purchase status or $6.16 per gram

Content Analysis

Cannabinoid content was shown at 27.6 THC + 0.0% CBD making this a THC dominant cultivar having 34.1% more combined cannabinoid content than the average flower purchase we make (20.6% THC + CBD).

Total terpenes is shown at 1.68%, which is 42.6% lower than the average terpene content we see through these purchases, 2.93% of any combination of terpenes.

Package Length

August 2, 2023 was the date of purchase for this product. When I got it home, I became aware that the packaging date was June 23, 2023, which was only a mere 40 days from the date of purchase or 59.7% less time in the package than our average purchase from the Canadian recreational cannabis market (99 days).

-ness Purchase History


This is my fourth review of -ness branded product, in total I’ve spent $139.93 exploring my -ness so far. Of those reviews one was for 7 g package of flower and we’ve already covered the comparative price information above so I can skip to the next section.

Value Buds Purchase History


This was my 34th purchase at Value Buds which totals to $1107.91. Of those purchases, two have been for a 7 gram package of flower and they average to $6.21 per gram or 0.9% higher than the average paid for a 7 gram package.

Whole Flower Packaging Length

On average, a flower product we purchased from Value Buds has spent 108.9 days in the package before we purchased it. Which is 9.9% higher than the average purchased from any vendor (99 days).

Market Information

Next we bring in several market measures for this item using data from CannStandard. This data was obtained from public listings for legal cannabis products in Canada. I've provided the data as they were was on August 29 2023. Contact us for more infomation about our market intel.