Oy Vapes! Kosher Honey Apple Kush

Oy Vapes! Kosher Honey Apple Kush

Squid Pants here and today we are giving a nod to the Jewish High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur by checking out a product that’s kosher and flavoured for the tastes of the Jewish new year.  No time like the high holidays to get חי!  You see, that word there in Hebrew at the end means “life” but it sounds like the English word “high”, so it’s a cross cultural lame pun.  Ok, bad jokes that I over explain quota is filled.

Kosher Honey Apple Kush

This is distillate with flavouring added in.  Was Kosher Kush the donor plant?  No idea and it literally doesn’t matter because it’s distillate.  Some unlisted terpenes were added back in as a solvent so the oil can flow but the apple tastes, which are the headliners, are primarily from added esters, not terpenes.  Honey is a far more complex mix of chemicals so let’s just ignore that outright.  Taste wise terpenes play a truly minimal role on this one but are listed as Caryophyllene, Linalool and Terpinolene.

I will say with this product far and away it’s a crisp Granny Smith apple taste that meets you, anything else is pretty well lost.

The oil has a nice colour, good flow and is flavourful.  Cartridge build seems good for the most part, but the mouthpiece is cheaper plastic.  My cart is semi-clog prone, which is to say that often it’s mildly clogged but a few seconds holding the battery’s power button it clears and I never have to poke anything down the mouthpiece to manually clear the clog.  For everyone who got a buttonless battery where it turns on when you draw, you folks will still have to manually clear in such situations.

The brand Oy Vapes! is, well, super Jewish.  Of course everyone is welcome to buy and enjoy it, but they are also targeting a small consumer segment who might be avoiding carts purely because none before this one was kosher.  I really have no idea about kosher laws and if this counts as really kosher as I am not a religious person, but if that does matter to you there was a discussion among some who do understand that stuff on my twitter.  Not a discussion I ever thought would take place there, but there it is. 

Price and Value

All prices are before tax.  I paid $41.30 for a one gram cart after a 10% discount from the good people at Scarlet Fire Cannabis in Toronto (Note, they are very much Grateful Dead fans there so if you are allergic to tie dye, take note that you WILL be exposed to some), which gives us $4.13 per 0.1g of oil and $4.87 per 100mg of THC.

Price isn’t too out of line with other products of the same type, but not much to differentiate it from any other flavoured cart you might try.  The main arguments for purchase is if kosher practices and certification are important to you or if you just think it sounds tasty.


I don’t think religion/cultural/regional tastes in cannabis products will be a thing most likely, but it’s easy to do with distillate carts and I would probably check them out if that indeed became a thing.

This product grabbed my attention, got a lot of discussion going and for me there was a whole experience around it, but admittedly for most people this is an apple with hints of honey tasting 510 cartridge and for a few people it’s a religiously acceptable way to enjoy cannabis.  I really enjoyed it personally, but at the same time I would only revisit the brand if another flavour came out I thought I’d enjoy.  After all, it was the novelty that brought me to this one.  It would seem I neither praise nor condemn here.