Summit Lemonade Iced Tea

Summit Lemonade Iced Tea

Hey pancakenap here doing a beverage review. We’re looking at Summit Lemonade Iced Tea today.

Grabbed a few drinks and thought I would review them. These go pretty quick and just hits the high points of the product. We track the data from these products but don’t really use it comparatively yet. 

Purchase Stats

Grabbed this on at Value Buds in Beacon Hill in Calgary. Paid $6.47 for a 355ml bottle. Brand is shown as Summit, sometimes I see this called Summit 10. Producer is shown as Valens Agritech. The product was packaged July 29 2022.


Opaque beige liquid. Non carbonated.


Tastes like sweet tea. The liquid is light and drinkable. Very little slippery mouth feel. Zero cannabis aftertaste. I’d tell you it tastes almost exactly like a Nestle Iced Tea.

Notes on Consuming

I drank this when I was feeling thirsty and found it quite refreshing.

Drank the product within 5 minutes of opening and thought I felt the effects within 10.


Product was good quality but was very expensive. I can’t imagine the price is affordable for someone to consume this regularly like they would a beer or a mixed drink.

Buyer Motivation

Lone employee brought it out of the back during a moment of confusion.

Consumer Benefits

Familiar Iced Tea tastes

Consumer Pains

The price is so painful.

Attractive Elements

Nothing at all. I was aware of this brand but not the products.

Compromises Made

Required visit to a retail store

Market Information

from CannStandard

Market Information

Next we bring in several market measures for this item using data from CannStandard. This data was obtained from public listings for legal cannabis products in Canada. I've provided the data as they were in the last complete month they were available (November 2023).

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Data Refreshed Dec 6 2023

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Data Refreshed Dec 6 2023

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Data Refreshed Dec 6 2023

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Data Refreshed Dec 6 2023

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Data Refreshed Dec 6 2023

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Data Refreshed Dec 6 2023

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Data Refreshed Dec 6 2023

Share of Total Sales

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Data Refreshed Dec 6 2023

Cumulative Sales

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Data Refreshed Dec 6 2023

August 2021 Selling Products

During the peak of sales for this product, this Lemonade rank 7th on CannStandard's flower top 30 sellers list for August 2021.

Data Refreshed Dec 6 2023
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August 2021 Top Selling Brands

During the same month (August 2021) Summit was 7th on the top 20 brands.

Data Refreshed Dec 6 2023


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