Sweet Justice OG Cola

Sweet Justice OG Cola

Hey, pancakenap here. I saw this Sweet Justice OG Cola pop up in the store, and I thought it was kinda cool. I think it’s the first legal cola product in Canada. I just let it pass me by, I didn’t grab it at the time.

Later on I’m talking with Squid Pants, and he mentions he bought one of these, so I told him I was interested in trying it.

He tells me: “Whatever you do, don’t smell the label.”  Implying it has a really bad smell. So I’m immediately intrigued by this sinister label, and I had to grab one.

Below, I review the aroma of the label, and then the cola inside the can.

I thought the label smell was pleasant, clean vinyl. I didn’t mind it and couldn’t say if I found it overly obtrusive. Whereas I felt like it was the aromatic version of nails on a chalkboard for Squid Pants. I doubt I would have noticed how the label smelled if he didn’t pick up on it first.

Review Criteria

I’ve done a few cannabis drink reviews by now but this is the first cola. Here’s what I think a consumer could expect from a product like this:

  • Cola taste. Could be anywhere from true Coca-Cola to RC Cola.
  • Fizzy carbonation with crisp taste. Real pop has long lasting carbonation and an acidic taste to go with it.

The drink appears cloudy under the light box and is brown in colour.

I thought that it fizzed alright. Although after some time it settles and the amount of carbonation decreases quickly.


The drink is sweet and tastes like Coke. It has a bubbly mouth feel when you first drink it. But leaves an oily mouth feel when you stop drinking it. 

I think it lacks the crisp taste of a carbonated beverage.

I did not detect any cannabis tastes.


Price $5.47 for a 355ml can, which I’d tell you is within 10 cents of my purchase average fro the drink category. Most expensive drive I’ve purchased was $8.99 (XMG) and the least was $2.95 (Tweed drinks on sale).


I felt the taste profile was pretty close to what you’d expect from a cola. Doesn’t have the acidic bite though.

Carbonation was so-so, it looks the part when you pour it, but doesn’t have enough to tingle your nose. Didn’t provide me with any of the stomach discomfort that I would experience if I guzzled coke or any other carbonated beverage, but it did make my digestive system feel greasy afterwards.

Cool to try once, that’s the firmest recommendation I can give on the product.