Daily Special Sour Grape Lil Bits

Daily Special Sour Grape Lil Bits taste like eating a package of Grape Kool Aid, mixed with a touch of sugar.

Daily Special Sour Grape Lil Bits

Hello there today we review a Daily Special product, this is Sour Grape Lil' Bits.

Daily Special

Producer of this product is Aurora. Daily Special is their brand and they use this brand to sell multiple product formats, usually on the value side. That’s my shoot-from-the-hip synopsis of the brand anyways.

Lil' Bits

All right, so, this product is different because it has a 1 mg per piece dosage. Most gummy that you will see reviewed on this website have a 5 or 10 mg per piece dosage. Maybe I’ve done a few that have had 2 mg per piece dosage, but this is the first 1 mg per piece dosage. You may saying ok, I get it, enough with the per piece dosage talk but I'm burying the lead here: this package comes with 10 gummies. Not 1, 2 or 5; there's a whole two handfuls of gummies here.

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Take this from me, a middle-aged slob, compulsive eater and user of Rick and Morty GIFs: the best cannabis gummies are the ones that come with the most gummies, and I've never met a flavour I didn't like. I think Green Apple flavour sucks, but I'll still eat it. My favourite gummies were 30 pack of DynaThrive branded CBD gummy, I don't even remember the flavour. That's who's writing the review here.


Kool Aid Nostalgia

Speaking of being middle-aged, back when I was a kid you could get single packets of Kool Aid with a cut out for Kool Aid one point on the back. With those points, you could buy all sorts of crap to fill up your parents' house. To accumulate points quicker, my brother and I would eat entire packages of Kool Aid powder mixed with a bit of sugar. We didn't bother to add water. We called it Fun Dip, but our mixture was much more flavourful than the real Fun Dip.

These Sour Grape Lil Bits are like eating a package of Grape Kool Aid, mixed with a touch of sugar. The flavour is sour and grape-y, but mostly sour. It’s simple, straightforward and there’s a lot of it. Which isn’t a bad thing, sometimes simple is good, but don’t expect a rich cascade of different flavours.


Price was $4.67, or $0.47 cents per gummy. Also, $0.47 cents per mg of THC. The price seems low to me but I have no context for that with respect to our purchase dataset. Let me get something better.

Using the CannStandard data for edible products, the average edible product is priced at $5.15, so this Daily Special Lil Bits Sour Grape is just below average. This chart includes all edibles (chocolate, baked goods etc) so it's just a general estimate on a very broad product category.

The average unit price where every edible product is 1 unit regardless of the number of pieces in the package. 


There were 10 gummies in this package. I'd relate to you that's a good thing but I'd be easily swayed if I saw a large package of Sour Kids. These gummies tasted like grape that gave me Kool-Aid-nostalgia. Your mileage may vary on that one. I grabbed this particular product below the general average for an edible product which is probably expected for a gummy (this isn't a peanut butter cup).

Market Information

Next we bring in several market measures for this item using data from CannStandard. This data was obtained from public listings for legal cannabis products in Canada. I've provided the data as they were was on August 29 2023. Contact us for more information about our market intel.

Days Active

The first date we can find the product listed and the number of days since then.

Provinces Listed

The count of provinces we can find this product listed in.

Data Refreshed Aug 29 2023

Market Average Price

The average price of this item at the stores we can find it listed in.

Data Refreshed Aug 29 2023

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Monthly Sales

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Data Refreshed Aug 29 2023

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Data Refreshed Aug 29 2023

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Data Refreshed Aug 29 2023

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Data Refreshed Aug 29 2023

Cumulative Sales

The cumulative sum of tracked sales for this item.

Data Refreshed Aug 29 2023


Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed the market figures. If you're an industry participant with a store or a SKU in the market and you need something like this emailed to you, let us know. Feel free to contact us for questions on the data or reporting.