Alta Vie Harmonic

Alta Vie Harmonic

What up everyone? It’s Monday and we’re looking at MedReleaf’s Amensia CBD or Harmonic.

Cannabinoid content on this offering is even, this is a 1:1 with about 8% THC and 8% CBD. This was packaged on the 27th of December and now, 124 days later, we are going to review its insides.

This is a one gram package and I paid $14.57 for it from the Alberta online cannabis, wowza.

Visual are pleasant here. My one gram package came as 1 larger bud and a collection of smaller sized particles. The large bud has some jagged peaks due to fox tailing in this cultivar. Looks like a good sativa morphology.

The bud is dry, it’s easy to disintegrate it with a pinch and some friction. Because the morphology of the bud is a bit looser and less dense, it’s much easier to crush it. There is a bit of pliability at each node, but overall, it’s delicate.

Living up to the Harmonic name, scents on this Amnesia CBD are well blended and uniform. The constituents of the profile build in crescendo to a single point. Although composed, the profile has depth and each facet of its makeup is discernible. Loamy earths and pine blend to pungent fruit and skunk to create a mildly off-putting scent. Twisted, yet attractive, the scent is compelling.

Flavours on the harmonic break wide into the earths, this is low tone harmony without the blistering fruits you’d anticipate from an ‘Amnesia’. Some light florals appear with the heat, bringing a perfume note to harmonize with the rugged earth notes. There is a duality here with the bottom end and the top notes, although I’d argue the bottom end occludes the senses after a while. I think it’s friendly and widely accessible, a welcome new flavour to the 1:1 segment.

Price was $14.57 for single gram of Harmonic from Alta Vie. Alberta prices are usually high. Let’s check how this looks elsewhere.

Alright, nothing below $10 per gram, unfortunately. If I could find this under $10 per gram, somewhere around the price of Maricann’s Cali-O (~$9.24), I’d be happy. Quality is good, but not on par with the best, which you can get around the $11 per gram mark (from Tantalus Labs).

I personally found this offering very functional during the daytime. I don’t usually talk about effects, but I’ll offer some generalities for this one. I wrote this review at 9:30 am on a Monday, I found the effects rather inert, operating in the background. Using it didn’t change my day, I’ll be able to function normally, with little consequence related to use. Although anecdotal, I thought I would offer it to you, I personally found this has potential for daytime use. You might feel the same, or you might feel different.

The worst part of this was the expense, otherwise I found it quite likeable, and moreover, useful. These 1:1 ratios are good to have around so…

Grow your own. When I check Amnesia CBD, only one listing is returned, Dinafem’s Amnesia CBD. We haven’t talked about it in this review yet but traditional Amnesia is a concoction of fierce hazes. With this particular offering, I think you get a break on the flowering time and plant morphology. Dinafem says it flowers in 60-65 days and provides an average of 550 grams per square meter, fairly impressive rate for an amnesia if you ask me. The outdoor harvest date is supposedly mid-October, so could be possible to run this outside in Canada, although I’d be careful at higher latitudes.