BLKMKT Jealousy

BLKMKT Jealousy


Squid Pants here, today we are going to look at Jealousy under the BLKMKT label.  This is another very hyped and recommended-to-me release.  Who am I to say no to peer pressure?  If everyone else is smoking this then me too!  Was the recommendation an expression of the wisdom of crowds or was it more like a herd of sheep just bleating what they are told to bleat?  Why would I even suggest that about people I like?  Let’s find out!


Jealousy is bred by Seed Junky and the lineage is Gelato #41 X Sherbert.  These are some nice genetics, especially if you are a fan of Girl Scout Cookies.  I am very much still to this day a fan of GSC.  Gelato’s lineage has been discussed a few times on this site, but again it is GSC X Sunset Sherbert, where Sunset Sherbert is Girl Scout Cookies X Pink Panties and Sherbert is a back cross to itself of Sunset Sherbert.  It doesn’t tell the whole story but all that GSC certainly ends up being a unifying theme.


Their website is basically nothing but marketing speak so no story to tell here about the people involved.  Past that BLKMKT (they use both BLK MKT and BLKMKT because I don’t care why) has a craft designation in Ontario which means small batch, hang dried and hand trimmed.  That’s all it means though, it’s not a guarantee of quality.

They are a luxury brand so expectations are set high.  I can certainly tolerate their marketing approach if the weed is good.


Glass jar with a foil on foam seal and a plastic lid.  My only complaint is that lid since you can’t recycle black plastic everywhere.  Jar fits the cannabis snugly and comes with a humidicant pack.  The theme of the design is black and minimal feeling, I will admit I like how the whole package looks.

By the numbers this has 3.21% total terpenes with the three listed as Caryophylene (0.88%), Limonene (0.58%) & Farnesene (0.43%) but “Others” accounts for a significant 1.32%.  Often I drone on and on about other types of taste compounds and that terpenes don’t tell the whole story.  Well here I’d be wrong.  Those first three terpenes may not tell you everything but they really do tell you a lot about what to expect here.  In the land of the scents and tastes occupying this cannabis, the embodiment of terpenes sits upon its throne, showering scorn upon and crushing all other families of aroma molecules that would dare challenge it!

This package also has a THC percentage listed.  I look at the number and having gone back to this several times I really can say that to me, and this is only my opinion and mine alone, all I can think is that can’t be right.  For the record the claim is total THC equals 27.37%.  I’d be curious to know what lab came up with that number, but an accusation of misrepresentation on the label is serious and I think those terpene percentages are pretty accurate so we shall assume the problem is my brain somehow.

This was packaged on April 21, 2022 and I opened it 75 days later.


Buds are bulbous with most buds coming to a narrower apex spire.  Heavy trichome coverage occludes ample dark purple colouring with a little green still poking through.  All buds are of medium size save two teeny pieces that I am guessing were to round off the weight.  Trim is impeccable and really shows off the shape of the buds.  These buds simply look great.


Humidity is at the highest end of what’s acceptable to me.  As a result, return from compression is not ideal.  Density is great though and is satisfying in a grinder.  Grinds are larger with good cohesion, plus it rolls like a dream.


Unground the buds feature eucalyptus, menthol and pine with more than a hint of earthiness to balance it out.

Ground, the scent skews strongly to the earths with anise and hints of dough poking through.  It’s a collection of comforting scents so far, nothing off putting in part or in whole here.


Volcano:  Peppery earths take centre stage, far less bright than the scent profile would have suggested.  Faint and pleasant sweetness lingers after the exhale.  With continued use the GSC ancestry starts to really make itself known along with a mint candy finish.


Joint:  Straight up minty GSC with lemon candy, burns nice and clean.  Only the last few tokes were bitter and overall a pleasure to smoke.  That addition of the sweet lemon has made combustion my preferred consumption method for this one.

Price and Value

Another purchase from the OCS, 3.5 grams of Jealousy cost me $48.95 and that works out to $13.99 a gram.  As stated earlier we are going to believe the THC percentage on the package, in which case the price per 100mg of THC is $5.11.

If you want a very well grown and cured example of these genetics, and I don’t think anyone else is offering Jealousy in the legal space, you’ll pay a lot but you certainly are getting quality here.  There is comparable quality to be found at lower price points though cheaper brands may be less consistent from package to package.

You are buying a luxury product here and it does live up to the quality such a designation demands.  Find a nice fresh package on sale and if your tastes cross over with mine you’ll be pleased.



I don’t fully get the obsession with THC percentages.  Yes, I agree that if it’s too weak then I don’t want to waste money on a given product but anything above the lower teens is fine with me.  I have hash if I want something that really hits hard.  If you just want the most THC by mass possible there are some concentrates out there you’ll really like, which you can dab or even add to a joint or bowl.  Flower is to me more about the whole experience of preparation and use, not just about a single cannabinoid.  It’s ok for it to be mild, just means you get to enjoy smoking a bit more of it to get where you want to be.  The market disagrees with me though and the highest THC percentages win, and with that bias comes the temptation for producers and packagers to cheat and over-report potency.  However, if any producers are picking labs that abet overstating numbers then why should we also believe when they say there’s no banned pesticides for example?  If cheating is occurring it erodes consumer trust in a big way.  If it is indeed occurring, and, opinion only again, I think it is, then one can only hope the regulators do their job and shut down those labs ASAP.  It’s as important to read labels as it is to be reasonably skeptical of the claims made on them.  Caveat emptor.