Bud Trendz: Top Posts

Bud Trendz: Top Posts

Hey, thanks for reading the post today. Further to our introductory post on Bud Trendz last week, we’re going to look at the top posts from the preliminary data set, which starts on March 11 and ends on April 14.

Check back to the introductory post for more about Bud Trendz and what the top products were over the preliminary data range. If you don’t want to check back in one sentence, it’s a way of measuring the reach of a cannabis review via a social media post. Currently, we are tracking six subreddits where cannabis reviews are published. We are testing the feasibility to add Instagram right now. During this phase of work, we are aiming to develop a webpage that shows consumers what the majority of Canadian cannabis communities are talking about.

Introduction to BudTrendz
Introducing BudTrendz, your go-to data tool for staying in the loop on the latest cannabis trends! We track and analyze cannabis product reviews from multiple sources, so you’re always informed about what’s buzzing in the cannabis community. How We Do It: Review Sources Our mission is to track and report

The below deals with singular posts that measured highest. Our algorithm measures the sentiment of each post, so we’ve broken these down into the top positive and the top negative posts.

Top Posts

Let's examine some noteworthy posts from this month, categorizing them based on their sentiment into positive and negative groups.


Firstly, a post discussing one year's worth of Tribal cartridges is noteworthy for its substantial engagement, despite not focusing on a single product. Following closely is a post highlighting Mendo Select Durban Poison, which comes as no surprise considering its status as the top product over the data term. Finally, the most popular post delves into the BLKMKT and their release of Cereal Milk.


The majority of negative posts revolve around product complaints. Notably, there was a warning regarding Common Grounds’ Blueberry Muffin. Additionally, we previously discussed the Primo White Widow post, which garnered more attention than even the most popular posts. Finally, the third most popular negative post centered on Snicklefritz.

What's Next

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