Crooked Dory Hybrid Wax

Crooked Dory Hybrid Wax

Hey pancakenap here, with a wax product, this one is called “Hybrid” by Crooked Dory. The producer here is Atlantic Cultivation or Noya Cannabis, both are listed.


Perhaps the most interesting part of the review is the region this product is from; Newfoundland. Squid Pants and I review from Ontario and Alberta, respectively, and this particular brand (Crooked Dory) isn’t available in either at the time of writing.


Thanks to Jon Keefe, who sent this one in from Newfoundland. Follow them here on Twitter.

Crooked Dory

This is my first review of a Crooked Dory product so I looked them up. Crooked Dory is refers to a guy driving a boat in circles. Apologies to anyone who thought we were going to be discussing Finding Nemo here.


Based on how this looks and tastes I’d say this is live resin, but the package says wax. Waxes typically are dry and crumbly. They’re opaque. They contain lipids and other waxes which you can taste if you heat the product hot enough. Live resins are translucent, often a mixture of syrup and crystallized solids. Live resins seem to have more clarity in taste, on average over a typical wax product. This product has some qualities of a live resin but it’s not translucent.

This product likely wasn’t made with a can of butane, a capped PVC pipe and that glass plate your Mom sometimes uses for pie. I’d imagine it was extruded from the anus of a large, multi-stage extraction system.

Not the actual extraction system

It is possible this product was subjected to both an extraction and winterization step, in which the lipids were removed from the original extraction. Is a winterized wax product still considered a wax? You wouldn’t automatically consider it a live resin. In any case it’s difficult to definitively call it wax or live resin from the consumer side. Ultimately the producer gets to dictate the product type or product consistency, but for this one I’d note its converse to my history with wax products.


Product price in Newfoundland was $39.83 for the one gram package. I’d compare this product to the few live resin reviews I’ve done, maybe even the couple diamond reviews too. Forty bucks is a pretty good price for something like this, well under the average of the market. Value Buds and CannaCabana stock the San Rafael ’71 live resins for around $43-46 which is about 20% less than elsewhere, so $40 flat for a similar product is pretty decent I’d say. 


THC content is 79% for this product, with 0.0% CBD. No information is given on terpene content.

Mandarin Cookies

Product is listed as hybrid with Mandarin Cookies shown on the next line. Just guessing this is some type of orange flavoured cannabis with cookies. Could be reintroduced terpenes but I’d bet not in this case. It lacks in depth of flavour but has all the major parts you’d expect from a Tropicanna Cookies (sweet+orange).

Lacking an overly hard or soft edge, the profile doesn’t really float my boat but it’s still probably widely attractive to most people that encounter it. There’s certainly nothing off-putting or harsh going on taste-wise, but it’s an abbreviated pleasure cruise, not a roller coaster of tastes.


Running down the high points of the review:

The product is from Newfoundland, made by Crooked Dory, named after a guy driving a boat in a circular manner but enjoying himself anyways.

Product is listed as wax. I’d tell you it looks like live resin.

Price is less than $40, which I’d tell you is about 10% less (~$4) than some of the live resin products you’ve seen on this site. Content is 79% THC, or just above the average of the other live resin products we’ve seen on the site.

The source material or flavour profile was shown as Mandarin Cookies. I’d say its like a Tangie, watered down by the sweet aspect from Cookies. I can’t tell if they’re native terpenes but they didn’t strike me as artificial like in other offerings.

Overall I thought this product was standard quality, enhanced by an attractive price point. The profile is enough to please 60% of the people in a room but won’t knock your socks off long term, I’d say. If I were to purchase a live resin product again I’d consider the brand but I’d gravitate towards a flavour I’m more interested in.