Comrade Bubba Dank Dough

Comrade Bubba Dank Dough

Thanks for joining me for the review today, we’re looking at some home grown flower here.

Going to write this one a bit differently, I’ll pick a couple of buds this time and talk about the differences between the tastes between the two.

I’ve been gifted some Dank Dough by Comrade Bubba, you can follow their account on Twitter for shots of the grow.


The flower sent is from Oregon breeder Archive Seeds, and the cross is Dolato 41 (Gelato 41 x Do-si-dos) x Moonbow (Zkittles x Do-si-dos). So we have the Do-si-dos (OGKB x Face Off OG) on both sides of this cross.


The bud is really good looking. The three features propelling that thought are colouring, coverage and detailed development, in order of approach. You notice the interesting colouring first and the coverage while you look a bit deeper. The development across the upper face looks great, made jagged by the swollen bracts.


I’ve had this bud for a couple weeks now. Just opening the jar every couple of days to smell it. The tips of the flower feel dry to the touch but the wide parts of the flower have maintained their moisture content. The bud impresses well and pushes back easily.


The frontage is mostly chemical, fuel and organic solvent. The fuel tones seem purified; some fuels have a crude oil feel, others are distilled gasoline; this is the latter, the notes are very thin, and very volatile. There’s a slight floral funk that stands proud of a preposterous acetone note, which beckons you to drink the profile in, and it hits you with corrosive chemical scents. The character is wildly boisterous, obnoxiously cocky.


The wedge on the frontage is a sweet, chemical cleaner note with a secondary composition of an earthy, pine and fuel mixture. Theres a comfortable layer of floral citrus, that seems to touch on the chemical notes on the topside, bringing them down to a soft lavender tone at the base, which becomes more prominent on the exhale. It has the aroma of fresh laundry, placed on a bench made of aromatic wood, in a clean locker room. Character on the flavours are fairly inviting but moreover, interesting; the composition is made up of parts you wouldn’t expect to be together.

Now I’m going to select a new bud. The one I picked has 3 nodes, but could be seen as one longer bud.


Green is a tertiary colour, much of the bud is purple and orange, with a secondary opaque white from the trichome coverage. Shape is more stout than long, width is a little more than thumb size.


There’s more density with this bud than the previous bud I selected, this one doesn’t impress as much, feeling firm instead.


There’s a similar frontage here, except the chemical tones dip lower into a fairly aggressive rubber tone. There’s secondary notes of pine and what seems like oily tobacco. In its depth, the profile is pushy, enough to bring some sweat to your brow, and dry your eyes out a bit.


Frontage on the tastes continue similarly with soft laundry with an aromatic wood backer, but the stringency from this particular bud is amplified into something like solvent grade limonene.


Thanks again to Comrade Bubba for providing the cannabis for this review.

These Moonbow crosses are really cool to see. Check back to Rainbow Driver for another.