XMG Root Beer

XMG Root Beer

Hey pancakenap here with an XMG Root Beer.


This is an old time tasting Root Beer with 10mg of THC and a very high price.


Taste is very sweet and caramel heavy with long notes of drippy molasses and tobacco. That’s over-describing it but character differs from typical root beer. It’s basically a Sarsaparilla. If Barq’s has an acidic bite this has more cane sugar with an old timey feel.


Has a slight slippery mouth feel.

Dietetic Run Down

I showed the ingredients list to a Registered Dietician. Here are their comments:

  • 10 ingredients (root beer pop has 5-6/10 the same ingredients: water, sugar, caramel, preservative, and flavours)
  • Cannabis is not listed as an ingredient so presumably there is 11 ingredients
  • Sugar, no artificial sweeteners
  • Natural flavour
  • Overall expected ingredients plus emulsifiers
  • A lot of emulsifiers (4)
Sugar Content

Has about double the sugar (39g) compared to a gummy package, which typically has less than 20g of sugar for a 10mg dose of THC. Compared to other types of Root Beer (A&W, Dad’s, Barq’s) ~40g of sugar is typical for a 355ml can.


Price was $5.99 for the 355ml drink. Same old story for all these drinks. They’ll continue to be a novelty until the price and dried cannabis equivalent become realistic.