Donfazool's Cannarado Grape Durbs

Donfazool's Cannarado Grape Durbs

Looking at Cannarado’s Grape Durbs today.

This was grown by Canadian grower Donfazool. Two plants were grown, and both were sent in, so we’ll take a look at each.


Both parents are interesting on this one, Grape Durbs is a cross of Durban Poison and Grape Pie. You may be familiar with Durban Poison from Girl Scout Cookies. Grape Pie is a Cherry Pie with Gage Green’s Grape Stomper, I could not find a breeder for this cross.


Visually, flowers from #1 and #2 appear similar. Vibrant green on light orange, ripples of bright violet provide contrast in the crevices of this flower. Shape is similar on all buds, wide at the base, coming to a sharp tip at the flower’s terminal end.

Grape Durbs #1

Scents present uniformly. Spicy wood with a sweet chemical note, that brings the feel to varnished grape, and a sandalwood finish.


Frontage on the tastes are sandalwood spice. A soft, sweet aspect runs parallel on the low side. Has a berry character, but is more dry than tart. The profile seems partitioned at the belt line, the top and the bottom flying parallel like two different birds.

Grape Durbs #2

Very similar to the first flower with a bit more varnish and chemical scents, which seem vaporous, bubbling against the layer of thin sweets that present topside.


An intense garble of varnish, wood and slices of sweet grape and tart berry characterizes this profile. Hits the palate uniformly but the reactivity becomes apparent immediately. The magnitude of the composition is stellar.


This is the last of the Donfazool set; big thanks for giving us a look at the flowers from their latest grow. Check out the entire Donfazool reviews here.

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