Drift Alien Cake 3030

Drift Alien Cake 3030

pancakenap here with Drift Alien Cake 3030.

List of Reviews

Squid Pants and I use a Google form to review each offering of cannabis. That form connects to a spreadsheet, which connects to a data preparation program that joins my old reviews and performs certain calculations on the dataset. From there the data is exported into a series of dashboards, which are connected to the website.

One of the dashboards this data process connects to is the ranked list of reviews. I was looking at it the other day and was wondering if it might be skewed to the high side of average. Squid Pants and I tend to select products we think we’ll enjoy. We don’t usually buy things we think will be bad.

To get a better distribution of what’s out there, I grabbed a few packages of cannabis produced by larger companies. I still approach these reviews as objectively as possible, but there’s a potential bias. I bought a few offerings expecting to fill out the bottom end of our ranked list.


I surmise this is an Occo bred variety but I didn’t go looking for info on the lineage. Bet I wasn’t going to find it on Leafly or Seedfinder. If I had to guess, there’s some GMO in it somewhere and one of the Seed Junky Cakes. Whether it be Ice Cream, Wedding or Crasher I don’t know.


Package was a mylar bag with no humidipack enclosed. This cannabis wasn’t packaged much longer than average (37% over average at the time of the review) but it was dry to the point where the flower was tasteless. Aurora could have chucked a humidipack inside to defend against this, maybe. But lately I’m buying cannabis where the packaging length is so long that the humidipack isn’t helping the flower anymore, its hurting. These days, on average we are buying older and older cannabis. So I’m always glad when QAs leave it out, but then it leaves for instances like this.

Tantalus Labs’ Wedding Crashers

For an example of primo-packaging with no humidipack, check out the recent review of Tantalus Labs’ Wedding Crashers. The cannabis was way up there in age, double the average plus a half. Visually, it was aged. The colours had faded and the trichomes had yellowed greatly, so much it could have been in an episode of The Simpsons. But the aroma and taste were mostly still good. Virtually intact, albeit behind a slight musty dust tone. I was impressed. Still am. Recognizing my description isn’t the most enticing here.

Drift Alien Cake 3030

This flower did well visually. The buds were full and had good structure. Olfaction had some issues. Lack of pronunciation being the big one, the tastes were faint. Price was below average, but that carries little weight for a product with poor performance. The visuals suggest some potential although I wasn’t able to see it. From what I was able to gather, product age may be to blame however I maintain seeing better performing products with longer packaging times. Packaging may also be another area of consideration to improve this product.