Radsicle Cream Soda

Radsicle Cream Soda

Hey pancakenap here, we’re looking at Radsicle Cream Soda Freezie. Voyage Cannabis is shown in the fine print.


Let’s just get this topic out of the way. I wrote this product review a while back, and I’m doing this preamble a couple weeks later. I remember this was purchased at Canna Cabana but I don’t remember what I paid. My guess is I paid $4.50, but for this product to be viable I’d say it has to be $0.99. Maybe $2.99 if you sold it to me in Death Valley at noon on a Friday when I didn’t have to work and was feeling frivolous.

Turns out the cost was $5.71. Other people have said this, for these products to be viable to consumers you have to chop the price and get them in multi-packs. I’m fine with the 10mg limit per individual unit, some may not agree with that, but paying $6 for this single product renders it a novelty.


Still in the price argument here.

Content is 10 mg. Dried cannabis equivalent is 1.3g. Six dollars is a good price for 1.3 grams of cannabis but not for 10mg of THC.

Let’s say the average content of flower is 15% THC. Per gram there is 150mg of THC, 1.3 grams has 195mg. This product has about 19 times less content than the dried cannabis equivalent, by the 15% THC projection.

As a consumer of an infused edible, this is the perspective I’m looking at this product at. Again, don’t mind the 10mg limit, but $6 for a 10mg freezie is not happening for most consumers and you probably can get most only once at that price. This product won’t be viable until you can get at least 4 more in the package for around the same price.


Although it seems largely irrelevant at this point, here’s the notes I took on taste:

Tastes very sweet, like flat cream soda. I notice a bit of razz coming from an earthy cough syrup note. There’s not much to it. Did I mention it is very sweet? (The product has 11 grams of sugar in an 88mL serving size, this is more sugar per mL than pop or soda.)


Cold and solid.


Pink transparent liquid that appears as a pink opaque liquid when frozen.

Notes on Consuming

I didn’t find the effects so pronounced. Take that with a grain of salt.

Comments/conclusions on anything else

Was just like a regular freezie, except 1000% more expensive


This is a novelty product that reigns supreme in the void space that is the frozen food edibles section of the cannabis market, but it dreads the day an infused ice cream becomes available.

Dietetic Rundown

Had a Registered Dietician look at the ingredient list. These were her notes:

  • 8 ingredients
  • Vague list
  • Natural and artificial sweetener (but doesn’t say which artificial sweetener is used)
  • Unknown natural vs artificial flavouring or color just says “flavouring and colouring agents”
  • Maltodextrin – thickener, filler, preservative
Buyer motivation

Just wanted to try it

Consumer Benefits

Got to chill out on a sunny October Saturday

Consumer Pains

Very sugary. You have to freeze it yourself

Attractive Elements

Novelty aspect

Compromises Made

Had to enter a store


Buying this product is a poor way to spend your money. I’d recommend that you google ‘household emulsifiers’, grab some THC oil and recreate the same thing for way, way less. Which I feel bad saying because reading back my notes, it was pretty clear that I enjoyed this. It’s a great product, sold at a price point that is untenable for most consumers to buy regularly. That’s usually as far as I take it in these reviews.

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