Hexo Ultra Sour Pre-Rolls

Hexo Ultra Sour Pre-Rolls

It’s Squid Pants checking out another pre-roll product. This offering comes from the budget brand Hexo and was gifted to me by a friend who considers these his favourite pre-rolls. I’m a bit conflicted on these, so let’s dive in.


The genetics are T.H.Seeds classic M.K. Ultra crossed to the legendary Sour Diesel. This is somewhat popular and there are a few other growers who also produce this line.


Joints are in a cigarette form factor and are packaged in what is basically a cigarette pack, complete with foil lining. Package claims that there are ten joints of 0.4 grams each. I only opened one but it was only a third of a gram, which if it holds true over the entire package means you’re getting ⅔ of a gram less than the label claims. Each pre-roll has unexplained brown stains all along the paper which I suspect are some sort of scent/flavouring additive.


These things smell and taste of incredibly vibrant lemon. It’s quite likeable but I’m not sure any cannabis grown has ever smelled or tasted exactly like that. Further, the burn is perfect, to a degree I’ve never seen. Ash is perfectly white and once lit they do not go out (for what it’s worth I checked with one, once lit and left to burn it kept going right to the filtre) which is something I’ve never seen in a joint before, only in tobacco cigarettes.


The form factor and packaging are explained by noting that Redecan, who consisted of many people formerly from the tobacco industry, was bought by Hexo and Redecan’s pre-roll methods are what Hexo used going forward. I wouldn’t be surprised if some methods from the cigarette manufacturing process were adapted to be used here. Cigarettes are processed in ways such that every cigarette tastes identical and all continue to burn once lit without self extinguishing, which also describes these. If you are very passionate about consuming products with the minimum of processing then it’s possible these are a bad choice, though I doubt there’s anything dangerous about any processing that took place here, if any.


Again I’ll mention these were gifted to me but they are usually around $20.00 a pack. THC is listed at about 17%, which seems like an actual honest number. Pretend I wasn’t undercounted and that works out to approximately $5.00 a gram and a very reasonable approximately $3.00 per 100 mg of THC.

These are pretty convenient, taste good and have a good price. I’d recommend them but there are a few questions remaining about how these may have been processed and possible additives. If you are not as easy going about such things as I am then these may not be for you.