Organic Sour Cookies From 1964

Organic Sour Cookies From 1964

It’s Squid Pants here looking at a one gram package from 1964. Buying weed one gram at a time reminds me of long ago days where your choices when buying weed were to buy whatever the guy had or not. That was it. Dark dark times those were. Where was I? Oh yeah, GET OFF MY LAWN YOU KIDS!


The lineage here is Sour Diesel X Girl Scout Cookies. West and East coasts seem to have put aside their differences here for a wild night of passion that a short while later led to this delightful offspring. Not sure what else I can add, these are really big name genetics so I am quite sure most readers are very familiar with them.


Details on the label list total THC as 24.6% with nominal CBD. Total terpenes are listed at 2.22% with the three dominant that were tested for being Ocimene, Farnesene and Trans-Caryophyllene. The back has the lineage, claims about scent (I totally disagree with what they claim here) and their organic certification info.

This was packaged on October 14th, 2022 and I opened it an even 100 days later.

Buds themselves were just two smalls, so it’s hard to really comment there. Feel was bone dry, this crumbled under pressure and ground terribly. Since the weight was dead on one gram we can assume it was this dry at packaging time. I ended up only using this in the vaporizer since rolling a joint looked like a miserable prospect.


Scent was of low magnitude but what was there was fantastic. Forget what the package said, I got a very different profile. My bag was slightly sour pineapple with a teeny hint of cat piss.


In the volcano the only taste to emerge was pineapple, and I really enjoyed it. Magnitude however was insufficient and flavour faded completely after only two runs. Nice while it lasts but even at its best you know it could be better.


I paid $10.06 for this single gram package from Scarlet Fire Cannabis in Toronto. This works to $4.09 per 100 mg THC. Shooting from the hip this was overdried and under flavoured. I really liked the taste/scent but in the end there just wasn’t enough of either.

Overly dry, underwhelming scent and taste in a package that’s still marked up in price due to being marketed as organic, there just isn’t a value argument here.


I like single grams to try something out, though I am not a fan of how overpackaged they are in the regulated market. That said, a single gram size pack’s purpose to me is to see if I want to buy a bigger package of the same product. Therefore the goal of the packager is to give me such a nice gram that I am willing to buy a bigger bag. Instead they convinced me this isn’t worth chasing down at all and since there’s so much competition this is the only chance they’ll get from me on this one product. This was a painfully near miss, but it’s a miss.