Impromptu 1:1 Blue Majik Lemonade Kombucha

Impromptu 1:1 Blue Majik Lemonade Kombucha

Hey, pancakenap here with a beverage review, this is Impromptu’s 1:1 Blue Majik Lemonade Kombucha.


I thought this was a great product available at a rather unobtainable price point ($6.96, on sale). When I say great, I mean I thoroughly enjoyed every sip of this product.

I’d buy it again if the price were much lower. Even with the sales price, it’s more expensive than other cannabis beverages in the Canadian market and substantially more expensive than other Kombucha products available, alcoholic or not.

Potenential for lounges

Perhaps outside the scope of this review but I wanted to add $7-9 per drink is what you’d expect to pay an event or a lounge.

With respect to my criticism on price, perhaps this product is just ahead of its time. It seemed to me like a fancy drink you’d serve to a patron attending a cannabis lounge hosting a trivia night, live music or maybe even some type of mass Mario Kart tournament, if I dare to dream.

As you’ll read below, I drank this Kombucha after breakfast by myself and, even though I’m a fan of my own company, I just didn’t feel like the whole ordeal was worth the price, but I wanted to note the potential I see from a product like this.


Not transparent, opaque blue liquid.

Made good fizz when poured. Foamed for about 1 minute. Died down completely after 2 minutes.


There is a noticeable smell coming off the liquid. It’s rather salty with dried fruit. Has the character of a wine cooler almost. The scents are crisp and tight.


Mouth feel is what you notice first. There’s some really nice fizz that you don’t see elsewhere, coupled with the acidic citrus and slight fuzzy herb, the onset is very energizing.

The taste is a lot to take in, and the drink is somewhat viscous. I’m finding myself sipping it


Slight slippery mouth feel as I run my tongue against my upper palate. I don’t know if I would have sensed this had I not gone looking for it. No greasy stomach feel that I had from some of the beers and colas.

Took me about 30 minutes to drink. Started at 9:30am finished at 10:06am. Ate breakfast at 9:00am. Effects were minimal with slow onset.