Indiva Life Lemon THC Lozenges

Indiva Life Lemon THC Lozenges

It’s Squid Pants with a second legal loophole lemon lozenge product. I chose to review two lemon flavoured lozenge products but other flavours and product types are also in this category. As mentioned the legal loophole ends up allowing products with 10 units per pack of 10 mg THC each for a total of 100 mg of THC per package. Brief details on the loophole are discussed in the Edison Jolts Electric Lemon Lozenges review.

This time a very quick introduction to the ingredient that this loophole relies upon; oligofructose. Oligofructose is a plant fibre that has a similar sweetness to a standard sugar, but at a lower intensity. You’d think that would make it a sugar substitute, but Health Canada begs to differ, and as such this product is not an edible in their eyes.

There is a downside to using this ingredient though, and that is that as a plant fibre it shouldn’t be too surprising consuming a lot of it can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort. Anecdotally I got a bit gassy after some times having a lozenge. With another product in this class I have a good friend who ate two full bags for a respectable 200 mg dosage of THC, but payed a mighty toll in gastrointestinal distress. The end result is that this is not a great product class for macro doses, and should be restricted to people who prefer doses towards the lower end.

The container is a pop top plastic tube, label has a peel away section for additional information, in this case the ingredients, and is in general quite standard. Lozenges are lozenge shaped, but of varying colour and thickness. Some are significantly thicker than others and I would assume have a dose a bit over what’s listed. The taste does in fact vary between the two different shades of yellow I got, with the darker ones being a bit more sweet and a slightly richer tasting, but all just tasting like lemon cough drops. Scent is very faint.


Price was $17.95 from the OCS. These were packaged on September 28th, 2022 and I opened the package and tried them 82 days later.

At this point Pancakenap has arranged for a dietician to review the ingredients, and I turn it over to them:


Ingredients: Inulin, Water, Glycerin, Flavouring agent, Modified coconut oil medium chain triglycerides, Cannabis extract, corn starch

-7 ingredients

-Inulin is fiber, not digested in upper gastrointestinal tract so 1) reduces caloric value 2) does not contribute to blood glucose/insulin response 3) prebiotic

(Benefiber is inulin)

(Oligofructose is sub group of inulin)

-no sugar or sugar alcohols

-glycerin a sweetener and preservative

-unknown natural vs artificial flavour

-coconut oil and mct are emulsifiers

-corn starch is either thickener or coating /dusting finishing product.


The bottom line is identical to what I said in the other lemon lozenge review; as long as a ceiling of a 10 to 20 mg THC dose works for you then these are a good deal as far as the legal market goes.