Edison Jolts Electric Lemon

Edison Jolts Electric Lemon

Squid Pants here checking out one of the edible extract products that have become available recently. These products take advantage of a loophole in how Health Canada defines what an edible is vs. what defines an extract. Check out this article on StratCann for details. The end result is the products taking advantage of this loophole are releasing products with 10 units per pack of 10 mg THC each for a total of 100 mg of THC per package. Details on the ingredient that this loophole relies upon will be in the review of another very similar product, Indiva Life Lemon THC Lozenges, which will be published a few days after this review.

This one is from Edison in their Jolts line and is called Electric Lemon. Lemon flavours are mild and very reminiscent of a lemon cough drop, scent is very faint. Shape is a 1 cm sphere with an obvious seam and the colour is a light yellow.

Packaging is a mylar bag in a larger outer mylar bag that has the labelling. The inner bag has a desiccant pack to keep the contents from becoming a big sticky ball. The label claims this is sativa somehow, a nonsensical claim that should definitely be ignored. On the back it’s claimed these are optimised for sublingual or buccal absorption, being below the tongue or in the pouch of the cheek respectively.

Price was $18.25 from the OCS. These were packaged on November 5th, 2022 and I opened these up and tried them 43 days later.

At this point Pancakenap has arranged for a dietician to review the ingredients, and I turn it over to them:


Ingredients: Oligofructose, Glycerin, Water, Cannabis extract,

Soy Lecithin, Sulphites, Flavouring Agent.

-7 ingredients (that’s a shorter list in comparison to previous products)

-no sugar or sugar alcohols

-oligofructose is sweetener and fiber. Not digested in upper gastrointestinal tract so 1) reduces caloric value 2) does not contribute to blood glucose/insulin response 3) prebiotic

-Glycerine a sweetener and preservative

-soy lecithin is emulsifier

-Unknown natural or artificial flavour

-sulphites is preservative. Some people have sensitivity to sulphites


Bottom line these are much cheaper than you are going to find in the normal edibles category, but as a teaser for the next lozenge review you may not want to have much more than one to two pieces at a time. If a ceiling per dose of about 10 to maybe 20 mg of THC works for you, these and similar such products are worth a look.