Joi Botanicals Cake Crasher #1

Joi Botanicals Cake Crasher #1

Hey pancakenap here, doing Joi Botanicals Cake Crasher.

This is a 3.5g package purchased through Shelter Market. The brand is shown as Shelter Craft, and the producer is Joi Botanicals. 


Wedding Cake x Wedding Crasher. Breeder is Seed Junky.


Nice looking buds. My 3.5g package arrived as 3 buds. All are good size, no small buds or larf. Colouring is typical green with inflections of purple where the trim leaf has been left. The trim quality is generally good. The undersides are really clean but there is some rough trim creeping out of the crevices.


Tight and dense. Takes a bit of force to even impress. Immediate bounce back.


Ultra sweet frontage with a sweet berry follow through. I’d liken it like blueberry icing sugar, overbalanced to the sweet side. Profile is bright and likeable.


The frontage is citrus, with soft, earthy sweets that blur into a calming fabric softener tone, the latter of which which characterizes the finish with a somewhat bitter leave. The sweet citrus lasts briefly on the palate, leaving a somewhat bland alkaline earth flavour.


I found good value. Would buy from the brand again.