Tommy's Craft Cannabis Dosi Punch

Tommy's Craft Cannabis Dosi Punch


Squid Pants here looking at some Dosi Punch pre-rolls from Tommy’s Choice Cannabis.  If there’s one thing that legalization has taught me it’s that celebrity endorsement brands are like movie sequels; they almost always suck.  We didn’t have to get to legalization for me to know that the same is true about pre-rolls.  Let’s see if these celebrity endorsed pre-rolls live down to expectations.

Dosi Punch

I don’t have to look this up, it’s a cross of two still popular lines, Dosidos X Purple Punch.

I can definitely smell and taste the Purple Punch side but none of the Dosidos makes itself known.  That said the scent and taste were quite faint, with only the odd draw having a nice amount of flavour.  I guess the takeaway is this is for people who like Purple Punch but don’t want to be overwhelmed by normal magnitudes of scent and flavour.

Tommy’s Craft Cannabis

Celebrity endorsement has so far not correlated to the highest tier of quality in the legal Canadian market.  This doesn’t really change that trend, I have some good things to say but this is by no means top shelf.  Their straight flower offerings might be better though, I haven’t tried any and my experiences here are mixed so my mind is still open.

Pre-Roll Joints in Detail

I chose to take a few photos after my initial opening of the package and as a result a few are of lower quality than the others.  I apologise, but I hope those images do illustrate the extra details of the pre-rolls I felt were worth seeing.

Let’s start with the bad.

First we have the form factor of the joints.  They are very short, and in tribute to the olden days of long ago where beer bottles were short and wide, I am giving this style of joint the same nickname as those bottles; Stubbies.

I’ve included a picture of one with a Canadian dime for scale.  Yikes!  By the time it’s lit it’s half done.  The concave end doesn’t help this as it’s hard to light.  To see if indeed that particular style of closing the end was truly a problem I tried changing to a twist end, which was indeed easier to light.

So why are they like this?  If you look back at the picture where the emptied contents are on a scale, you’ll see that the grind is very very fine.  This way it’s easy to accurately weigh out and pour into a pre-rolled cone (which in the case of these they then snipped off the excess paper from).  By designing their production this way they can just fill the same pre-rolled tudes up more for, for example, a half gram size without changing any of the equipment on the line.  So for the producer this sort of arrangement works nicely and provides some easy flexibility in what products they produce without changing equipment.  This however is not an ideal method of manufacture for the consumer.  I would argue thinner and longer joints would be preferable.  I think thinner joints do have advantages and I guess if you feel passionately about it we can pointless argue on Twitter or something.

The cannabis itself is ground so fine it’s impossible to tell how much is really flower compared to leaf, stem or even seed.  There was no taste of seeds and it burned so cleanly it seems unlikely that there’s a lot of stem or leaf in it.  The cannabis itself has some nice purple flecks mixed in, the humidity was about perfect and every now and then you hit a tasty section so we can conclude there is at least a little good quality flower in there.  If you are a fan of white ash, these burn very cleanly.

Price and Value

The total mass of flower in the package is 3.5 grams which is in 10 pre-rolled joints of approximately 0.35 grams content each, give or take.  I bought this at the Annex location of Edition X here in Toronto for $30.00 before tax.  THC is listed at 16.87% and terpenes are claimed at 1.31% with beta-Caryophyllene, d-Limonene and Fenchol being the dominant terpenes tested for.  By the numbers that’s $8.57 per gram and $5.08 per 100 mg of THC.

This was packaged on October 14th, 2022 and I opened it up 26 days later.

As for subjective value, it’s just not quite there.  Between the terrible form factor and the inconsistent taste intensity that skews to unsatisfying the negatives are just too prominent for the price tier.


I’ve had exactly one good pre-roll in my life so far.  It was a Headstash pre-roll from Broken Coast and it was easily as good as their flower offering is (and I quite like that particular flower so I had high expectations).  Of course all this doesn’t mean there aren’t some great pre-roll products out there, I’ve heard about a few I really want to try, but I think the inferior products are still more common.  It’s just too tempting for many producers to grind up a bunch of C grade flower along with some waste leaf etc. and try to make some money off their trash.