Ripple QuickSticks Classic Lemonade

Ripple QuickSticks Classic Lemonade

Hi there internet people, Squid Pants here!  Today I’m looking at an odd one, a flavoured sugary powder with 10mgs of THC in it that the producer insists you consume as is, straight from the packet for some reason.  You know what, I am going to save myself some typing and I ask that whenever I make any statement about this product, just imagine the sentence ends with “for some reason” every time.

I’m breaking from my usual format as the product in question is pretty simple and I don’t have much to say.  I thought this was a drink mix powder but if you look at the label it says to just pour it on your tongue.  Which I did for half.  Here the taste comes in two parts; phase one is an overwhelming taste like you just poured drink powder with sugar added on your tongue and phase two is a brutal bitterness that does mercifully fade out in a minute or two.

Now TGOD does say that it’s water soluble, so ignoring their serving suggestion I dumped the rest in a half glass of water.  Much better; reasonable intensity of taste and the bitterness never raised its head.  It’s almost like it actually is clearly a drink powder.  Why doesn’t TGOD want you to consume it in this much better way?  Your guess is as good as mine but pop on Twitter and post your ideas to me because then I’ll look popular and that will make me feel good about myself.

Price on the medical market was $6.25 before tax which is $7.06 in total (because cannabis is still the only prescribed drug that you pay tax on) and all you get is that teeny little packet in there.  Just the one teeny little packet.  With contents so boring I couldn’t see a reason to bother taking a picture.

So, is this worth buying?  As a nasty packet of powder and sugar you just pour into your mouth and brace for multiple waves of nastiness, no.  To add to water for a light tasting drink of THC containing lemonade it’s not bad.  Price is a bit high for the product, but not the most expensive if we are looking at 10mg THC drinks.  You are getting portability since you can add it to water at some event or the like and have an instant cannabis drink, but for a bit less TGOD also sells THC dissolvable powder without flavouring as well.  I’m just lukewarm at best on this one, I can see uses but it’s just not compelling to me.