Simply Bare Scotti Biscotti

Although there were occasional minor issues, it remains uncertain whether these are linked to the cultivation process or the particular cultivar. Nonetheless, the overall experience is highly enjoyable, showcasing outstanding flower quality.

Simply Bare Scotti Biscotti

Today, we're reviewing an Exotic Genetix bred variety by Rubicon Organics, sold under their brand Simply Bare – Scotti Biscotti.

This was a late August purchase for me; I had an inkling for something of assured quality. While I hadn't tried this specific cultivar before, I've had a positive experience with Scott's OG, so I figured this might be a worthy exploration.

I've come to know Simply Bare as a producer that consistently delivers above-average quality, albeit at prices slightly above the norm. In this review, they remained true to that reputation. Let's delve into what makes their quality stand out and why it's important. I did come across a few distractions during my experience, which I'll point out and explain why they shouldn't detract from the overall assessment.

Following that, we'll delve into the pricing and content. Given that this is a premium-priced product, I'm eager to determine how much more I'm shelling out compared to the average, and whether it justifies the cost with any above-average attributes – even if some of these may be superficial.

Lastly, we'll shift our focus to the market segment. I'll track how long this item has been available in the market, the average price, the average sell-through rate per store per month, average monthly sales, and a few other metrics for this SKU.

Thank you for joining me today; let's dive right in.


This particular cultivar, Scotti Biscotti, was bred by Exotic Genetix. The lineage includes Scotts OG, which is a Rare Dankness cross (including Triangle Kush), and Biscotti, seemingly originating from the Cookie Family breeding program.


In terms of appearance, the buds are impressive. My eighth package contained three medium-sized buds with a tight trim and fairly typical coloring.

During my inspection, I did come across one instance of bisexual inflorescence, often referred to as "herm" or "nanners." It's a good idea to keep a lookout for seeds in your grinds, although I cannot report that the lone "nanner" I discovered posed any issues in this review.

Furthermore, there are a few areas with excessive trimming, exposing what appears to be some immature seed pods with proto-seeds inside. This occurrence is relatively common in Canadian cannabis; however, I cannot relay that it negatively affected the vaporization of the cannabis.

Despite these minor visual distractions, the size and shape of the flowers are highly commendable. Even with these slight imperfections, the overall quality remains in a positive light.


Regarding the tactile experience, I lack a moisture content reader, but I did give it a gentle pinch, and I can confidently state that it likely aligns with your expectations.


The frontage is fairly pungent, laden with a medley of resinous herbal notes. It's tightly packed and intricate, delivering a thick and weighty presence. It leaves behind a residue akin to a slug's trail, easily flicked off like a booger. The character exudes a loud and substantive quality. Impressive work indeed.


The flavour profile takes an interesting turn, initially offering a sweet and creamy frontage. The gassy undertones seem subtly veiled by minty herbal notes. When used in a vaporizer, these two components meld together, creating pleasantly mellow, perhaps even excessively so, earthy tones.

Nevertheless, the real highlight of this offering lies in the transition from its robust aroma to the silky, buttery tastes. I may have given you a glimpse, but it's a journey worth experiencing firsthand.


All in all, there were a few minor instances where some less favorable elements surfaced, but it's unclear whether these stem from the cultivation process or the specific cultivar. Regardless, this is an immensely enjoyable experience with exceptional flower quality. We'll delve deeper below.

I acquired this 3.5-gram package for $38 at Canna Cabana. I would gladly make the same purchase at that price point, and I'm inclined to explore other offerings from Simply Bare.

Product Stats

Package Date

The packaging date on this product was July 11, 2023. I made the purchase on August 28, 2023, resulting in 48 days in the package, which is 51.5% less than the average duration for recreational products we are tracking (99 days).


The price for this 3.5-gram package was $38.08, or $10.88 per gram, which is 16% higher than our current average for a 3.5-gram package ($9.35 per gram).


The combined terpene content was indicated as 2.44%, which is 16.5% lower than the average combined terpene content displayed on the packages we review (2.92% for any combined terpene content).

The cannabinoid content was reported as 26.1% THC and a negligible amount of CBD. This is 26.8% higher than the average content of our flower purchases (20.6% THC plus CBD).

Simply Bare Review History

This marks my third review of a Simply Bare product. So far, I've spent $110.12 on Simply Bare products, with two of them being 3.5-gram packages of flower. On average, these products have cost me $12.52 per gram, which is 33.9% higher than the average for a 3.5-gram package ($9.35 per gram).

Canna Cabana Purchase History

In total, I've made 16 purchases at Canna Cabana, amounting to $539.78. Out of these purchases, 12 were for 3.5-gram packages of flower, which averages out to $10.60 per gram, or 13.4% higher than the average for a 3.5-gram package.

On average, a flower product that I purchased from Canna Cabana has spent 88.8 days in the package before purchase, which is 10.2% lower than the average for a purchase from any vendor (99 days).

Market Information

Next we bring in several market measures for this item using data from CannStandard. This data was obtained from public listings for legal cannabis products in Canada. I've provided the data as they were was on August 31 2023. Contact us for more information about our market intel.

Days Active

The first date we can find the product listed and the number of days since then.

Provinces Listed

The count of provinces we can find this product listed in.