Wedding Cake From Bullrider

Wedding Cake From Bullrider

Squid Pants here with another Wedding Cake. The good news is it can only be better than the last one. Seriously, the probability it’s worse is vanishingly close to zero. The bad news is the floor is so low that being even substantially better can still be on the really bad end of the spectrum.

Ok, let’s move on from those dark memories and jump in.


Bullrider is presently growing their cannabis near Toronto and as of recently is partly owned by that Drake guy.

This brand used to be called Bllrdr, and right there you can see the power of Drake’s contributions as with him on board they could finally afford to get the vowels back for their name that they originally had to pawn for start-up money.

Imagine; vowels in a Canadian company’s name. Dreams do come true.

B[u]llr[i]d[e]r’s original crop was Afghani Bullrider.


This offering comes in a nice black glass jar and contains a humidicant pack. Been a while since I saw a nice glass jar, it gave me a nostalgic half grin.

Past that there’s a bunch of nonsense on there, and I do mean nonsense. The terpene list doesn’t even mention Limonene for some reason, and you cannot miss the lemon cleaner taste and scent. If I was you, I’d just ignore all of it past the packaging date, which while we’re on the subject was February 21st, 2023 and I opened it up 76 days later.

Oh, and the package is underweight, so if any of you see Drake tell him he owes me a little weed.


Smallish, dense and well trimmed buds that come to points. Trichome coverage is very dense, making it difficult to ascertain the colour of the flowers themselves. On the down side the trichomes are brown with oxidation. This looks old.


Density is high and moisture is up where I prefer, but buds lack stickiness. Grinds acceptably but not perfectly with chunky grinds.


Upon opening the package the scent is dusty oxidation with earthiness and sweetness underneath. Squeezing the buds releases a lemony scent that according to the label shouldn’t exist


The taste here is not bad. The expected oxidised taste is present but hard to pick out, instead the taste profile is predominantly what’s expected from a Wedding Cake; earthiness, lemon candy, vanilla and dough. Only complaint is lack of pronunciation initially as well as a rapid fade to the taste after the first run. It does actually taste good, just, not intensely and not for long.


This was purchased at Wychwood Cannabis here in Toronto for $39.99 for 3.5 grams, which works out to $11.43 per gram. Since the label is unreliable, that’s the only objective metric offered here.

Subjectively this cannabis appeared aged while scent and taste were underwhelming so the verdict is this is not recommendable.


As any Canadian who consumes cannabis from the regulated market can tell you, a brand that is associated with a celebrity does not imply exceptional quality and this is no different. Middling and overpriced for the quality. There’s plenty of other better brands out there at this price point, so it’s worth looking elsewhere.