Shred’Ems Wild Berry Blaze

Shred’Ems Wild Berry Blaze


It’s Squid Pants here.  I’ve reviewed this brand before on Twitter, and I wasn’t impressed.

Of course this doesn’t tell you why it’s vile, if it was just the one specific flavour that was vile and so on.  So, by the highly scientific process of the store I was at only having this brand in this flavour in stock at all due to a supply crisis the OCS suffered recently I am once again taking my mouth to a terrible place.


Shred’Ems is from Organigram.  I remain unimpressed by any flower I’ve had from Organigram, and this did not enamour me to the brand in general.  That said if Organigram wants to lean into it and use the slogan “Organigram takes your mouth to a terrible place!” then reach out to me, let’s do some business.


Mylar bag in an intense magenta colour.  Before you claim this might appeal to youths then consider the name and logo on this background would only appeal to a kid from the late 80s to early 90s.  Also kids like candy that tastes good, so these will have all the appeal of dried beets.  Again Quebec, I’m sorry, you do deserve better.

The label claims this is somehow hybrid.  It’s not, it’s distillate and not actual plant material so the source plant doesn’t matter anyway.  Total and per piece cannabinoid content is listed, this package happens to be in total 10mg THC and 40mg CBD.  Ingredients imply this is vegetarian safe (but not sure if it’s vegan, I don’t know what all those ingredients are sourced from).  Past that this has 11% of your daily sugar needs, so, not exactly a health product.

Packaging date was August 3rd, 2022.

Scent & Taste

Scent is generic berries.  Taste is sugar with generic berry tastes.  Briefly.  Then the horror begins.  An overwhelming bitterness builds quickly until it hits the point of being an almost painful sensation.  Because someone needed to be this stupid, I tried to push through the vileness to see how long the taste would last.  After 20 minutes I had to rinse out my mouth.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Price and Value

I paid an unknown amount because for some reason I lost the receipt, but these are $4.95 on the OCS.  Your value will be directly correlated to how much you like really intense bitter tastes that require assistance to purge.  Truly they bring your mouth to a terrible place!™


In a word?  Vile.