Atlas Growers Terp Sauce

Atlas Growers Terp Sauce

Hey pancakenap here, with a review on Atlas Growers Terp Sauce.

I have a few postive reviews for this producer, and their flower brand Natural History. So I’m surprised to say I didn’t prefer this product and I’m having difficulty bringing myself to using it as it was intended.


The container is a medium sized plastic container, with a small glass container affixed to the bottom with double sided tape. Outside the context of this sensory criteria below, I’ll mention the presentation, with respect to the container, is not up to par.

It does not feel great opening a huge container with a tiny recess inside. The inner seal is wasn’t sufficient, and you open this product wondering if it’s spilled everywhere, at least that was my initial experience with it. I don’t review on packaging but wanted to mention this lacks a good first impression. 

Date Packaged

Packaged February 24, 2021. That’s 239 days from the date of purchase.


Consistency is liquid, or runny gel. Colour is amber. Liquid is transparent. Doesn’t appear to be any nucleation or crystallization happening.


Frontage on the scent presents like pipe resin with tarry earths. Top notes interpret like strange myrcene but I’m not sure if I am not just smelling the container.


Running my finger on the sauce left on the container seal and tasting it reminds me of artificial terpenes. The flavour profile is not a blend of may tastes, rather It is rather a mixture of 2 or 3 very strong tastes.

I typically use a Puffco Peak to vaporize concentrates. I’d tell you the taste is like sweet geranium with earthy herbals. The profile is disappointing from all angles; detail, magnitude and overall composition. I’d reflect it’s just a bland smear of tastes, marred by a neutral, but prominent aftertaste.

I spread a thin amount on a Zig Zag and rolled a joint. I cannot say I tasted the influence of the terp sauce but also wouldn’t reflect that this is a bad thing.


The price through Shopper’s Drug Mart’s medical platform was $46.74 per one gram. I relate better value from this product I purchased at Value Buds for $40.97 per gram. 

Questions to the vendor

After I opened the package, I jumped on Shopper’s Drug Mart’s cannabis chat to ask a few questions. I provide the Q&A below:

Q: Is this a butane extraction product? 

A: they don’t use hydrocarbon solvents in their process

Q: Are there terpenes added to the product, and is so are they native to the extraction or from another source?

A:  It also seems to be that the terpenes are naturally preserved from the source flower

The service rep at Shoppers offered to contact Atlas for more precise answers. That was on October 21 2021, I’ll provide an update if they get back to me.


Atlas Growers. Really enjoy their Natural History flower. Didn’t enjoy this Terp Sauce. I’d relate it was a regrettable purchase.

This product could be ok for those looking to fill their own vape cartridges with a syringe. The consistency of this product appears to be appropriate for that use. Price was about on par with a pre-filled vape cartridge so there’s little logic to this approach.

I’m left wondering what I could use it for.