GreenTec Orangeade

GreenTec Orangeade

Hey pancakenap here, getting one out the door today; and that one is GreenTec Orangeade.


Short story here is this: I surmise this was quality cannabis, just based on brand reputation and my previous experience with the cultivar, but this flower was ruined by time. The olfactory content of this product was greatly reduced and replaced by a musty funk.

Water as a general shit disturber

I’m humidity pack conservative. I think they do well in certain places on the short term. I prefer to decide when to use them, but do not prefer it when someone else decides to use one on my behalf.

Why? Because water left to its own devices is usually up to no good. It’s a redox reagent, it’s very reactive. It will accept hydrogen ions from molecules that don’t hold them too closely, and give them away to molecules that want to grab them. Now, I’m not sure if any molecular change has occurred. I don’t have a lab. I have a musty jar of cannabis flower and a keyboard. This could have been an email to GreenTec: Not sure exactly what happened here but I know it smells bad, which overshadowed the experience every time I opened the container.

Again, I did no lab testing before I wrote this; I’ve had a better sensory experience with products that include smaller humidity pack and the best experience with no humidity pack + proper cannabis seal. I like the smaller humidity pack because they eventually run out, or equilibrate with the flower somehow.

Getting back to GreenTec, of the two ounces I purchased from them in November, the other (Lee Anne Womac) contained a smaller humidity pack, so they may also be experimenting with this issue. I probably won’t be back for more Orangeade though, I think the rest of the stock is toast.

cannabis Flower exipiry Dates

We track package time in our reviews. As you read above I also have a hypothesis on humidity packs being left in containers. Generally we review cannabis irregardless of age but I must say that I’ve encountered some pitfalls this year that I would have avoided.

More producers are showing harvest dates and it’s nice info to have. The package date is a good guideline, but not an indicator of how old the cannabis actually is. Just an indicator on how long it’s been in the package. Without the harvest date, it leaves an unknown for the consumer, especially when purchasing from a processor brand.

Third paragraph in. Still haven’t said anything. Getting to it; I’d like to see an expiration date on cannabis, but it should probably include for the harvest date, as well as the possibility of an oversized humidity pack beating down on it for the 6 months it sits in the stock room.

Pack Dates on the GreenTec Marketplace

Greentec shows package dates on their online shop, which I like. Going into this review I knew the cannabis was much older than our average purchase. The humidity pack and the outcome of its application is just as relevant to ‘freshness’ as the packaged date.

However, having those measures at the point of sale wouldn’t have helped me avoid the purchase, there wasn’t and isn’t any data to base the decision around.