Blue Congo by Air Cannabis Collective

Blue Congo by Air Cannabis Collective

Undeniably exceptional, this Blue Congo still suffers from the usual pitfalls of retail cannabis.

Today we review an offering from the Air Cannabis Collective, as far as I know it’s their creation and they call it a Blue Congo.

The vendor lists Blue Congo as a cross between Blue Dream and Red Congolese, two very popular sativa leaning cultivars. Based on lineage alone, it is a must try.

Visuals on this Blue Congo are excellent. Long and slender buds hint at Sativa morphology but good density is maintained throughout each of them.

Lighter greens against red-orange pistils give colour to these Blue Congo buds which are otherwise yellowed by the trichome coverage.

The good looks continue when we take a closer look, these flowers are near flawless and yield few complaints from me.

I scoured this bud for premature seeds and found a few instances, zoomed into one in the video below. I’d call this minimal, I had to hunt for them, other instances are more obvious. At time of writing, I can find similar conditions in about 1/3 of the flower I review, regardless of vendor. Take a look while contemplating buying a vaporizer.

As mentioned above, the density on the Blue Congo is greater than expected, and these buds have a firm feel with slight give.

Grinds to medium granules 1-2 mm in width, showing the bud is not overly dry internally. Exhibits some cohesion when ground, but not overly so that I’d call it ‘moist’.

Scent of these Blue Congo flowers is rather unassuming featuring bright fruit tones and high frequency citrus mated to sandy woods. Interprets mature, yet friendly.

Flavours are centred to dry woods and rich spice, with dashes of sweets that continue outwards to a boarder scape of reduced berry. The composition features the best parts of the Congo and mixes it to the lower tones of a blueberry. Interprets to the friendly side, I’d call it accessible, but the Congo influence brings maturity to the taste, leaving much to be appreciated by seasoned cannabis aficionados. Overall, the flavours are exceptional, that is undeniable.

The Blue Congo is a great offering, it’s new and interesting with the quality to keep consumers coming back. But then again, it is also slightly affected by seed growth and is untested for pesticides or cannabinoid content. Cost was $12 per single gram.

I’m on the fence of disappointment and high regard for this Blue Congo, which is like driving a sexy car and wondering if the brakes work properly. Glad I tried it, nonetheless.

Grow your own if you want to smoke cannabis, that’s the take home message for all my reviews. It’s fun to explore the expanse of retail cannabis, but consider using a vaporizer until you can fully confirm product quality, which includes lab testing.