Jack Herer (Sunday Special) by Aphria (Riff)

Jack Herer (Sunday Special) by Aphria (Riff)

Yet another offering from Aphria that contains immature seeds, this Jack Herer looks good from certain angles but falls short in meeting the standard for top-shelf cannabis.

Today we review one of two Jack Herer offerings from Aphria, this particular offerings is sold under their Riff brand. We’ve seen a slew of disappointing flower from Riff previously, this will be my 4th review of one of their products and it looks to be the best yet. Let’s get into it.

Jack Herer is a well known cultivar available from many well known breeders. There’s no guessing which one Aprhia uses, but generally, the Jack Herer is known to be a cross of Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk with something called O Haze (original haze).

Visual appeal on this Jack Herer is a bit of a mixed bag. The buds are small to medium small, not overly good or bad for any reason. Perhaps slightly better than what’s been seen from this Riff brand in the past reviews, but the bar is set really low.

Moisture content seems good, even a bit sticky. It still leans toward the drier side, a hard press will destruct each bud, but it’s far from brittle. Grinds to a finer mix of the flower you paid for and the smaller seeds that came for free.

Up close is where this Jack Herer really shines. The trichomes are much more visible across the surface of these buds, you can see it with the naked eye. When I zoom in with the macro lens, I’m pretty impressed by the thicket of trichomes offered by this cannabis. The whole thing looks fuzzy. The trim is light, but I argue this is of little consequence.

Flavours are sweet fruits and vanilla woods, fairly nondescript, but still slightly enjoyable. The profile is entirely fleeting, a little heat brings it to ambiguity all too quickly. The scent of the flowers tends to be a muted version of this sweet fruit profile, with reduced woods. Perhaps naively, I expected a bit more longevity in taste and overall vapour production from something that looks so good up close, which I’m skeptical I actually observed here.

Aphria sells this Jack Herer under both their Riff and Solei brands, prices are $10.33 and $9.55 per single gram, respective. Alberta Cannabis lists both of them as produced in a greenhouse, so I don’t get much of an indication that these two Jack Herers differ genetically or by production method. We’ll review the Solei version of this Jack Herer soon, spoiler alert, it also has seeds.

This offering was purchased from the ALGC Alberta Cannabis website. Check out this review summary of all my purchases from this vendor.