Citizen Stash Strawberry Mac

Citizen Stash Strawberry Mac
Gummy Reviews

This is one of 4 reviews of gummy edible product completed March of 2021.

Purchase method

Selection methodology was buying one flavour of each brand of gummy I hadn’t tried before.


All reviews were completed within an hour of each other.

Review Protocol

I make comments on sensory elements of each. And I’ve summarized comments from a registered dietician who viewed the ingredients of each.

Price/Content Measures

Follow this link for a consumer report that gives the who, what, where, and how much for gummy products.


Gummies are about 3 centimetres square

2 gummies, rolled in sugar


Medium firmness


Tastes like strawberry

No off tastes, slight taste of oil at the beginning

Nutritional Comments
  • 14 ingredients
  • organic where possible
  • 3 sweetener: organic cane sugar, glucose, sugar
  • Pectin
  • Natural strawberry flavour
  • Natural colour (not specified)
  • Oils: canola oil, MCT oil
  • Preservatives: citric acid and trisodium citrate
    • Could also contribute to flavour

Overall they’re pretty good, but they taste to me like gummies I’d make in my kitchen with Jello flavouring, which is not a compliment.