HWY 59 Cannabis Lime THC Mixer

HWY 59 Cannabis Lime THC Mixer

Squid Pants here visiting a drink mix powder. This is the second product like this I’ve checked out.

This product comes from a processor located in Manitoba.


Package includes two inner packets of powder including 5mg of THC in each. The drink mix is lime scented/flavoured. The recommendation is to mix one packet with about 300 ml of water with special instructions if you want to use carbonated water. For what it’s worth I went the carbonated water route.


A majority of the powder dissolved immediately, with only a few clumps undissolved by the time I took photos. I would note that those in fact did dissolve as well before I started to drink it. When I reached the end there was some powdery residue at the bottom of the glass.


The scent was straight up freshly squeezed limes and really nice.


The taste was not quite as good as the scent, but overall nice. There was both a bit of a bitter aftertaste as well as a bit of a non-sugar sweetener aftertaste from the stevia. Neither was so intense as to be a deal breaker. Mouth feel is a little oily, likely due to the coconut oil, but again not to a degree as to be unpleasant. Past that this was a moderately sweet lime flavoured drink with THC.


If you are looking for something to mix on the sly this is nice, and it’s cheaper per drink than most of the products available in Ontario at least.