We’re looking at Monzanto, bred by World’s Strongest Strains.

Grown by @danobookem, this one blew me away personally, but I didn’t really know of WSS or Monzanto. So I had to look into it. Special thanks to Eamon Cyr, who was familiar with WSS, and pointed me in the right direction.


Monzanto is a mix of Notorious and Donny Burger. Two cultivars that were not on my radar, with little information available the places I regularly look… so I had to creep the WSS instagram feed for an hour to find out what these actually are.

First up is Donny Burger, which is a GMO backcross by Skunk House. It appears to include something called HanSolo Burger, which is intriguing, but I’ll leave for another day.

Notorious is bred by Swamp Boys, and it has a similar lineage, GMO crossed to a GMO/TK Skunk (TK meaning Triangle Kush) cross.

By now, you either want this, or are wondering what GMO is. From what I can gather, it’s a Forum Cut Cookie, Chemdawg cross, but let’s get back to Monzanto.


My guess on this was a possible Banana OG Kush type. As it wasn’t on my radar previous to this review, I don’t feel that bad about not getting it right. Now that I know the GMO is based on Forum Cut Cookies and Chewdawg, my description of the olfaction makes a bit more sense. Or I’m just self affirming. Likely both.

Cannabinoid Content

Monzanto made 23.5% THC, along with a 1:1 amount of CBD and CBG (0.3%). As far as total content goes, it’s up there. I usually don’t offer much comment on experience in my reviews but they asked us to for this contest, and I was happy to do so. I called this one brutally strong, probably the strongest in the contest, by my memory of it.


This entry of Monzanto won three awards. Third for total content, third in the judges category and best indica dominant flower. I found it amongst the notable top five in this contest. 


Check the review out, I was entirely favourable on it. I stumbled upon the WSS seed site when writing this review, and serendipitously, they were having a 30% off sale. So this season I’m growing their MacBurger, which is a cross of the Donny Burger mentioned above, and Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC).