Peach Orange Sourz By Spinach

Peach Orange Sourz By Spinach


Hey, Squid Pants here with an edible review!  This line from Spinach features jelly candies in a non-cube shape of non-teeny size.  In the legal Canadian market that’s kind of noteworthy.  Now that expectations are set, let’s get to it!


This is from Spinach.  I am not a fan of their flower but this is a different category of product so happy to reset for this.


Mylar bag.  Really nothing else to say, it does a good job of keeping the content very fresh without being terribly interesting otherwise.  I have no complaints and no specific praise here. This was packaged April 1st, 2022 and I opened it 74 days later.


Bicoloured “S” shaped candies that are sugar crusted of a size that is normal for a candy.  Really not bad, they certainly look better than tiny cubes of gelatinous substance.


Softer than I would expect and dissolve to a grittiness (from the granulated sugar) a bit quicker than expected.  Not bad, really a fine interpretation of that type of candy but not my preference.

Scent & Taste

Smells like candy peach scent, which is what I expected and liked.  Taste is closer to the candy version of orange but the peach comes through too.  Nothing offensive here, no bitterness which I have found in other similar types of edibles and zero cannabis taste or scent.

Price and Value

I got this from Edition X in Toronto.  There I paid $8 before tax which is perfectly in line with the general market price.  Yeah, that’s $0.80 per mg of THC, or $1.60 per piece.  You can get the same amount of cannabinoids in much cheaper packages, in my opinion bigger piece sizes doesn’t justify paying this much more.



I didn’t mention this above, but if you are a leaf eating hippie these are gelatine free.  Non animal product options are always welcome in my opinion.  These were fine as far as being candies but I can’t see a reason to get these over any cheaper products.  If you are willing to pay a premium, get something nicer than these.

Also they weren’t even remotely sour, which makes me bitter.