Harry Palms 9 by Taylor King

Harry Palms 9 by Taylor King

Today we review HP #9, or the 9th seed grown of something called Harry Palms, having the lineage Papaya Cake x White OG.

This cannabis was gifted to me by Taylor King, big thanks to him for providing the flower for these reviews.


Lineage is interesting on this one. I wasn’t able to find much information online about it. The best line I can trace on it, starts with Oni’s Papaya Cake, but it’s a short story. 

Papaya Cake is a Papaya crossed to a Wedding Cake bred by Oni Seeds. One of the founders of Oni Seeds is Harry Palms. This flower, also called Harry Palms contains Papaya Cake, with White OG.

Let’s start with White OG, because it’s the easiest. There are a few White OG’s from different breeders, which all have different lineages.

Second easiest is Triangle Kush, a specific OG cut from Florida. Check out SinMint Cookies if you’re ever in Vegas.

I’m guessing the Animal Cookies is Seed Junky’s backcrossed version, not the BC Bud Depot version, and the Mints used isSeed Junky’s male.

Wedding Cake is the popular phenotype in Seed Junky’s Triangle Mints line.

Papaya appears to be credited to European breeder Nirvana, which is used by Oni in Seed Junky’s Wedding Cake to create Papaya Cake.



Overall shape of these buds are near oval. At the borders of the individual segments, the inflorescence has pressed up against each other, which it think is the reason for the plum shape overall. Both colour and coverage are exceptional.



These buds feel sturdy, so much though, it requires some force to actually break them apart. Pulling apart the individual segments is no easy task. In terms of structural integrity, it’s greater than the sum of its parts. 



Frontage on the scents are pungent berry with a touch of spiced citrus. The earths are more than present, but are sweet and musky; sharing space and, nearly occluded by, the more active berry note.



Edge on the flavor is tart berry backed by slight pine and sweet fruity earths. The profile is centered around the berry composition, with the other notes playing supportive. Besides the somewhat sour tart notes, which become near banana rind with use, no part of the profile is rough. Character is smooth and contoured, rolling melodically.



I’d call the effects completely pleasant, but not at all a wild ride. This is a lazy river.

Like I said above, this doesn’t dazzle the tastebuds, you have to sit with it and feel how it rolls around. But I remain uncertain how that factor contributes to the less than pronounced effect, or if this contains CBD.

When I look at the deliverable cannabinoid information via the testing report, I’m surprised to see this has 17.7% THC, and a negligible amount of secondary cannabinoids.



Like I noted above, the feel on this bud is stiff. Extra care was required not to put too much force into it and crumble the bud, without freeing the segment. I found it better to use a small dab tool as a chisel to pick it apart. While a nifty circumstance to me, someone with a digital impairment may rather put it in a bag and give it a few whacks with a hammer.

Taste is expansive, but not intense. I mean, you get a lot of it, it’s wide and comprised of many notes, but none in great magnitude. I’d attribute this to the phenotype or, the nature of the olfactory composition, but I suppose those are both the same at the argument’s essence.

I found good combustion, certainly rivalling the best of the trial. The smoke was not hot and it burned consistently. You can see in the photos of the ash, it leans towards the lighter shades. However, the delicate olfactory profile didn’t translate in the joint, you need a vaporizer to get to know it fully.



This is #3 of 4 in the Taylor King series of reviews. Check back to Orange Cookie MAC10 for grow information or Thug Pug’s Unicorn Poop for another review of Taylor’s stuff.