Pure Kush by Squid Pants

Pure Kush by Squid Pants

Hey everyone, doing a home grown review today. We’re looking at a Pure Kush by Green House Seeds.

One of the best parts about writing this site is the community feedback. I get to meet a ton of cool people, some have given me helpful hints and corrections to scientific nomenclature (which I really appreciate). One of those people is an Ontario native called Squid Pants. You can follow him on instagram where he does in-depth reviews on his grows, as well as some more complicated techniques, like tissue culturing and advanced pollination technique.

I ask people who submit cannabis to me if I can mention a cause important to them, Squid chose Cystic Fibrosis. Donating isn’t the only way to help out. The foundation has a packed events calendar and some look really fun, if choose to you participate or volunteer, you can do a lot of good with a bit of your time.

Like I said above, we’re looking at Pure Kush, bred by Green House Seeds. This one looks like a really attractive grow. Plant morphology looks accessible for beginners, yet yield is about a third larger than average indoors (900 grams per square meter) in 9 weeks flowering time. Outdoors, they say it will make 900 grams per plant and will finish first week October in the Northern hemisphere. Even if it makes half of what the breeder says, one plant still makes enough for one person to use about a gram cannabis per day, for one year.

Green House doesn’t give much information on this lineage for their Pure Kush, they refer to it as a clone only Kush phenotype from “the other side of the ocean.” They list it as a fast flowering plant, 70% indica and 30% sativa, which gives us a bit of information. For the rest, Green House actually has a tutorial video for Pure Kush where they give a week by week description of its growth.

Flowers display hybrid morphology, the buds I’m reviewing are a bit more longitudinal, coming to dull peaks touched by light violet hues.

The bud feels great, there’s a bit less density than you’d expect, so they have a spongier feel with ample give. Grinds consistently but not to dust, I’d imagine this smokes fantastically.

Scent of these flowers show the slightest hint of berry at the frontage before proceeding into earth tones of deep rouge. It maintains a strict pucker throughout, with voluptuous rose character.

Heat brings sandy spices to the earths which occupy most of the flavour composition. The light earth notes are soothing, enveloping with velvety embrace. The fruitier notes mentioned in the scents are completely gone, almost like we’re seeing the profile from the back side. It’s remarkably heavy and cerebrally viscous, I wouldn’t call it good for focus.

I think the secret sauce of this cultivar was in the really heavy, nearly cloying, Afghani-type notes in the profile. The change between the scent of the flowers and taste of the vapour was an interesting expanse of olfaction. Also, I think we saw this might be an attractive one to grow, especially outdoors, because of the large yield and manageable flowering time.

Big thanks to Squid Pants for sending this in.