Jack Herer by Squid Pants

Jack Herer by Squid Pants

Today we look at Jack Herer, a home grown version.

This Jack Herer was grown indoors, in soil, by Squid Pants. You can check out his instagram for pictures of this grow and his upcoming projects. This is the 4th look at flower grown by Squid Pants, big thanks to him for sending it in.

Check back to my previous review of Squid’s Malawi, it had a few seeds in the flowers from a self cross. This Jack Herer is similar, it has also been crossed to Ace Seeds’ Malawi, but alas, I did not find a seed in this bud.

You can see the expelled seed pods atop the bud in the video below. Despite that, it actually looks really good. I’d call it full, firm with a bit of spongey give. Colours lean a bit more to the auburn spectrum, the stigmas are almost orange but I’d tell you the trichomes are also observably amber in colour.

Scent of the flowers are icy citrus and high frequency sweets above aromatic woods. The prominence of the top notes overbalances the profile, making it feel a bit more active than the woody base suggests.

Flavours stay low in soft, smokey woods, rich with spice and a bit of tobacco, reverberating in broad expanse. Totally losing the high frequency top notes, the character feels comforting, with the wood tones bringing a certain maturity to the profile. It feels stoic and wise, if you’re willing to accept that personification.

Check back to the Jack Herer I’ve reviewed on this site. Good demonstration of the low tones in this profile requires maintaining a certain moisture content. The character here is deep and viscous, and I think we’ve only seen partial versions via current retail cannabis, so big thanks to Squid Pants for letting me experience the real thing.

I’ll mention again, Squid has crossed this Jack Herer to a Malawi. So I’ll be keeping an eye on his instagram to see those in his future grows.