Reef Queen SanG

Reef Queen SanG

Squid Pants here checking out another one gram package. I like one gram packages to get a taste before I decide if I’d like to commit to a larger purchase. These are a little harder to review though as there’s just less to get to know it with. The good news is that means I’ll be less verbose.


Queen SanG is Queen’s Sangria, bred by Emerald Mountain Seeds. Its parents were Royal Kush ([Sour Diesel x Highland Afghani] x Southern Humboldt Purple Kush) and Mimosa (Clementine x Purple Punch). I’d argue Purple Punch is still a little trendy, but the rest are past their peaks in popularity. Doesn’t make them bad, just a bit out of fashion. There is a lot there that’s worth visiting if you haven’t explored them before.


Reef is a brand under Aqualitas, and is an organic grower using aquaponics. They claim it uses less energy and resources but offer only assertions and no actual numbers to back up their claim (at least as far as I was able to look) so the degree of energy savings is unknown. They further assert their packaging is sustainable, though my product came in foil lined mylar packaging which is specifically non-recyclable.

Yeah, I’m not a fan of greenwashing. But if organic is important to you, they do that.


Do you remember when there was a lot of Tangie about? You remember that scent? Did you know Clementine, which is an ancestor of Mimosa, has Tangie in its lineage? Well if you told me this was a Tangie, I wouldn’t even hesitate to believe you. Rich citrus scents, both the fruit and pop versions of the scents, crowd out anything else from having a meaningful presence. Upon grinding a subtle coconut scent is added to the composition, which is the only element I could detect that varied from a Tangie profile.

Also, this is LOUD. Opening even this single gram filled the room fast.


It looks terrible. Crumbs and chunklets. No non flower material to speak of but it’s just odds and ends to make up a gram.

It’s a single gram pack, so, what can you do.


So dry. So very, very dry. Gentle handling damaged these, and grinding resulted in dust with a few chunks in it. Rolling a joint and filling the Volcano chamber were both exercises in frustration.

I review as I receive a package. Yes I could have rehydrated this before reviewing, but that’s not the consumer’s experience. So, it’s fixably dry, but that means buying it a few days before you plan to use it.


Volcano: Taste maps perfectly to smell here and comes through strong with orangey citrus in all its expressions pitching in to this taste. Flavour didn’t just remain through several runs, it lasted until the chamber was fully spent.

Joint: Here the taste again came through strongly, with some hints of berry that wasn’t apparent from scent alone. Considering how dry and powdered it was I am surprised to report it burned very clean and was quite smooth.


I already went over the package itself so let’s get on to the numbers.

THC claim is 28% with trivial if any CBD. I do not at all believe that number. I feel I don’t have to dance around that as much anymore as it’s generally acknowledged that THC testing looks to be highly questionable. So, here I truly doubt what was in my bag was above 15% THC, but that’s just, you know, my opinion man.

Terpenes are listed as 1.66% with the dominant terpenes that were tested for being d-Limonene, alpha-Pinene and beta-Pinene. The terpene percent is very emphatically irrelevant here. After all terpene is not a generic term for any scent/taste compounds but only actually covers a narrow subsection. This is incredibly loud and very tasty, but here it’s primarily due to all the other scent compounds in there that are not terpenes. If you pass this up thinking the terpene percentage means it’s not strongly flavoured and scented, you’d have made a mistake.

This was packaged on December 22nd, 2022 and I opened it 59 days later.


This single gram was $12.95 from the OCS. I’ll play along with their label and say that it’s $4.60 per 100 mg of THC, but I suspect that there may be a wee bit of an error in their claimed percentage so be sceptical of these numbers.

As far as if this is recommendable, if I look at the marijuana only and ignore any other aspects, this barely hits recommendable. For the price it shouldn’t be this dry, but it’s easy to rehydrate so that’s fixable. The individual flower clusters are quite small, but they end up ground anyway so that’s just an aesthetic issue. I think there’s a better argument at the 3.5 gram package size though.


I liked this. It reminded me of Tangie.

If you like Tangie as well then keep this on your radar, never know when you’ll find a deal.