San Rafael '71 Pink Kush

San Rafael '71 Pink Kush


Squid Pants here, going on and on about Pink Kush again.

Pink Kush

Ah, my beloved Pink Kush, my most favoured descendent of OG Kush.  A real Pink Kush too, not that crappy Tom Ford cross.  Before recreational legalisation this Pink Kush cut was available through MedReleaf and it was consistently surprisingly great.  Aurora bought MedReleaf and then with recreational legalisation they migrated this flower over to their recreational brand San Rafael ‘71.  Over a year or so the quality of their grow completely degraded and became one to be outright avoided.

Well, I was assured that the last grow or two from San Rafael ‘71 were actually good, if you could somehow find a jar.  I kept my eyes out, but the pre-rolls were all I could find, and here we are.


Nice metal case with an awkward to use child proof latch.  Shame for it to end up in landfill but good enough build that you can find other uses for it when the joints are all smoked.

Paper insert keeps everything organized and protected and a tiny humidicant pack is also included.  Since the metal container cannot fully seal the humidicant pack does help a little.

These were packaged on August 12th, 2022 and I opened the container up 116 days later.

Consumption Details

Not my favourite form factor, these are stubbie cones with huge filtres.  Compression of materials inside is fine and the draw is acceptable.  Feel of the cannabis from the one I cut open to weigh is a little dry but not overly so.  As the joint is consumed there is a nice resin ring and burns perfectly with white ash.

The scent is definitely Pink Kush, and I am not ashamed to admit I keep checking the scent in the container.  The joints themselves, much fainter scent but it’s there.  Taste, it’s definitely Pink Kush, but taste goes from lacking to outright missing except for the odd point where you get a really tasty toke out of nowhere.  The lack of taste through most of the joint means the taste of combustion products gets very pronounced well before the joint is done.


Price and Value

By the numbers these clock in at a very believable 16.95% THC.  Each joint is a half gram so the package size is 1.5 grams.  Since the package cost $21.50 without tax that works out to $14.33 a gram and $8.46 per 100mg THC.  This is quite expensive by those metrics.  I certainly feel the product doesn’t at all justify the price.



In my search for some good old school Pink Kush, this could only attempt to scratch the itch.  It didn’t scratch it though, really it was more of an expensive tease than anything else.  A tease made all the worse knowing that the cut they grow when done correctly is super tasty.

If the dried flower product has improved to past quality again I would revisit it if I can find any, but I will avoid the pre-rolls in the future.