Top Colaz Platinum Garlic #3

Top Colaz Platinum Garlic #3

Hey, pancakenap here. We’re looking at Platinum Garlic here today, bred by In House Genetics, grown by Top Colaz

This is gift cannabis, grown by a home grower. Grow was started with feminized seed in a no till living soil setup. You can find a description of their method and equipment, with photos of their grow here.

Three Platinum Garlic phenotypes were gifted to me, #3, #4 and #5. We’re looking at #3 in this post, which has the most interesting shape of the three. Most of the buds are long and thin with well defined nodes. 


The lineage on this is Platinum, a hashplant cross you see in many of In House’s crosses, and GMO, the popular Chemdawg, Cookies cross. The Platinum is only part hashplant, the other parent is said to be a White Widow, Trainwreck cross.


Both larger buds are cylindrical in shape, coming to a sharp tip. Comprised of several nodes that jut outward giving the cylinder shape a meandering surface. Colouring is white over green, due to the trichome coverage and the lighter stigma.


Good feel, surprisingly firm for buds that are so slender. 


Scent is fruit jelly with sulphurous overtones. Present in the mixture is pine, which seems to fade into the fruit notes, harshening the sweeter edges.


Much of the profile lives in the low tones. Tastes are earthy, primarily, graced with a silky resinous note. The pine fruit mixture appears at the mid-range of the profile,  under a foul vegetable and spice tone.

Longevity is great. The profile dries down into a pine, resinous perfume and garlic mix. When I use it in a Volcano vaporizer, I get more than 3 cycles from the same sample with adequate taste throughout. 


Thanks for reading this post, and thanks to Top Colaz for providing the cannabis for this review. When this cannabis was handed off, they said the #5 was the best phenotype, so we’re working our way up to that.

Phenotype # 4 is next, which has a stalkier appearance, not as cylindrical. I’m interested to see how the tastes change between the two samples.