Simply Bare SFV OG Kush

Simply Bare SFV OG Kush

Hey pancakenap here, with a retail hash review, Simply Bare SFV OG Kush

This is my first retail hash review. I haven’t yet come up with a specific criteria to relay quality, so this review will be mostly descriptive. Basics I’m looking for in this review is a clean even burning product, with the typical SFV OG tastes.


Seedfinder gives the lineage as SFV OG, initially crossed with pollen from an Afghani #1. 


Got this at Alberta Cannabis because it was actually less expensive there than it was at Value Buds.


Price was $22.49 for a one gram package.


Cannabinoid content was listed as 38.3%THC and 0.182%CBD.

Date Packaged

The package I review was packed on August 30 of 2021.


I’ve prepared this hash with Squid Pant’s Green Cush hash, rolling it similarly, with a Zig Zag Ultra Thin paper using 0.35g of hash mixed with 0.17g of cannabis (Milk Runtz).

The gif below shows the preparation of both this Simply Bare product (light green) and Squid Pant’s Green Cush (dark brown).


The hash is dry and crumbly. Colouring is green and beige.


You can work with with this hash by hand. It will crumble if you press it with your fingers.


When unboxing this product, I felt it had a scent of decaying grass. I didn’t find it pleasant, or like SFV OG Kush.


A few puffs in I got a note of dirty pine. Burns ok, doesn’t go out if I left it for 30 seconds. 

Taste is ok, but lacks prominent character, especially that of OG Kush.

I didn’t observe a resin ring, but it burned fine the whole way.

Perhaps the strength was increased, but I really didn’t notice any benefit of including the hash over just the Milk Runtz alone.

Vaporizer Use

I had some left after smoking this so I also tried it in a Volcano vaporizer mixed with an autoflower I grew this summer. The autoflower produces wispy vapour, which was thickened by the inclusion of the hash. The vapour is more full and stronger. But the taste remains unchanged, I could not taste the SFV OG Kush hash.


I feel like I got a clean burning product, but I didn’t get the OG Kush taste, either when smoking or in a vaporizer. 

The hash was easy to work with, and add to a joint.

Taste would be the major improvement I’d make to this product. I didn’t think there was very much flavour to it.