Top Colaz Platinum Garlic #5

Top Colaz Platinum Garlic #5

Hey thanks for joining me today, pancakenap here, with the final Top Colaz Platinum Garlic phenotype; #5.

This is gifted cannabis. We’ve seen phenotypes #3 and #4 previously. Like I said above we’re looking at #5 in this post, which is the grower’s favourite of the 3. 

Quick notes on the grow given in previous reviews; this was started with feminized seed in a no till living soil setup. And you can find further information on method and equipment, with photos of the grow here.


The lineage on this is Platinum, a hashplant cross you see in many of In House’s crosses, and GMO, the popular Chemdawg, Cookies cross. The Platinum is only part hashplant, the other parent is said to be a White Widow, Trainwreck cross.

Some posts will list In House’s Platinum OG Kush as a Master Kush x Afghani cross. Many of their varieties are given the ‘Platinum’ name so at times I find it hard to track, but I really felt like the hash plant influence came through on this series of phenotypes, especially on #4.


Buds have the width of #4, they look very chunky in some places, with the sharp detail of #3 at the apex.

It’s hard to say unless you’re running the scissors, but all of these phenotypes looked like a pain to trim. I feel like this phenotype may have been, not easier, maybe more worth while because it seems to have the best of both worlds, shape wise. 


Scent is aggressive with sulphured pine, gas and a creamy vegetable undertone.


Tastes are earthy fog topped by gassy pine. Spiced wood bridges the midsection to the low end of the profile, which is creamy pine on grimy earth and that tends to define the aftertaste, for better or worse.

With use in the vaporizer the flavour profile dries down to a gassy vegetable jelly.

Just like the other phenotypes certain sections of the profile are attractive, while others are disturbing.


We’ve now seen all three of the phenotypes gifted from the grow. Many thanks to the grower for the gift!

Check back to Platinum Garlic #3, which brought more pine in the flavours and was more cylindrical in shape.

Take a look at the post for the #4 phenotype, which I loved for its flavour profile. 

Also make sure you follow Top Colaz on Instagram to see photos of their grow, and what they’re growing next.