Top Colaz Platinum Garlic #4

Top Colaz Platinum Garlic #4

Hey, pancakenap here. We’re looking at Platinum Garlic here today, bred by In House Genetics, grown by Top Colaz

This is gift cannabis, grown by a home grower. Grow was started with feminized seed in a no till living soil setup. You can find a description of their method and equipment, with photos of their grow here.

Three Platinum Garlic phenotypes were gifted to me, #3, #4 and #5. We’re looking at #4 in this post, which has some of the visual features of #3, but appears more plump. 


The lineage on this is Platinum, a hashplant cross you see in many of In House’s crosses, and GMO, the popular Chemdawg, Cookies cross. The Platinum is only part hashplant, the other parent is said to be a White Widow, Trainwreck cross.


The buds keep the sharp appearance of #3 but grow wider in the base, making the buds of this phenotype appear more rotund. Colouring deviates from the lighter shades seen in #3, here deep green and rich purple contrast the trichome coverage and the saturated orange stigma.


The bulk of the scents are earthy with spice, wood, and a sharp greasy funk that cloys the senses. Character is Old Spice deodorant and vomit.

Sulphurous top notes push the earthy foundation, pulling the entire composition towards a greasy soil note. Most of the profile is low-tone funk but the top notes drive presence to the high side. The composition is attractive and complex, but not pleasing to the senses.


Tastes are silky earth with crisp citrus elements that hint towards, but never quite feel like fruit. The sulphur notes appear in the wake, tinging the earths slightly, but doesn’t steal the show. The hash plant influence centres the profile, every other note plays secondary, and it comes out really nice.

The translation from the scent to the taste is stunning.


While this grow is really well done, the scents are nasty, by strict definition. It’s like a curious fart in an elevator; you don’t want to keep smelling it, but you do, just to experience how strange it is.

The scent profile is complex, containing notes that are similar in nature, but not in harmony. The smell is attractive, but if I can lead you with my own interpretation on effect, it doesn’t make you feel good — it’s not pleasant.

The flavour profile is comprised of most of the notes experienced in the scents, but restructured in a way that is pleasant to the senses. The translation between the scents, which are harsh, rigid and tense, to the taste, which is smooth and comfortable, is very soothing.


Big thanks to Top Colaz for the gift. Loved this cut. For the transition mentioned above, and also for the organic feel of the profile, I thought the notes worked well together.

Check back to Platinum Garlic #3, which brought more pine in the flavours and was more cylindrical in shape.

Next we’ll look at the #5 phenotype, which the grower said was their favourite.