Unicorn Poop by Taylor King

Unicorn Poop by Taylor King

Back again with another home grow review of flower sent in by Taylor King, today we have Thug Pug’s Unicorn Poop.

Since I’ve written the Orange Cookie MAC 10 review, I’ve been in contact with Taylor for the breeders and testing, the latter of which I’m not going to look at just yet. I’ll do a paragraph on effects for each and follow up with my thoughts once I’ve seen the cannabinoid levels.

Let’s start with the lineage. 


I thought it better to draw this lineage, as it contains notable parents and grandparents.

Joseph is Underdog OG bag seed done by Gage Green, it’s a Sour Diesel, OG cross you might group with a Sour Kush, Headband or Sour OG. Cherry Pie Kush is derived from Chemdawg and Durban Poison. Ghost OG is a popular OG cut, it puts the Ghost in Rare Dankness’ Ghost Train Haze. Gage Green also does the Grateful Breath, which leads to Sophisticated Lady (also Gage Green).

On the other side you have GMO, a GSC. Chemdawg cross that appears to be very popular amongst breeders and growers, by my eye, it’s popularity has yet to reach Canada at full scale. 

Let’s cut right to the chase. Does it taste like poop? Short answer is yes, it contains aspects of poop. One could definitely focus on this alone and be reminded of poop. The profile evolves with use, especially in the vaporizer, which uncovers the GSC/Cherry Pie influence and the flavours give way to a fruitier character. In summation, I’d relate it to you like gag poop, or if you’re willing, pewp.


The look of these flowers is fantastic. They’re all shaped similarly, dull tip with a wide base. They’re also thick, otherwise they create the silhouette of the oversized #1 hand sign you’d expect to see in the crowd at sports games.


Colouring is prominently orange, I’d tell you. The trichome coverage occludes the deep purple hue of the flower, which leaves room for the orange stigma to draw the eye. By quick look, these buds are orange and purple. You have to go looking for the little bit of trim left on the bud to see some green.



The feel on the flowers is dense and spongey. The finger like foxtails demonstrate good malleability, bending like, well, fingers. Well within the idea range, as far as can be determined by touch.



Frontage on the unground flowers is dry and musky, followed by a deep sulphurous hollow. It is every bit as amusing as it is displeasing; it does not smell good but has the allure to keep you coming back for more. Doesn’t have the character of wet poop, this is dry poop. Like the pants you should have washed 6 days ago, or that can of Fart Gas they used to sell at San Francisco in a ‘90s mall near you. Grinding the flowers release spicy pine, and fuel, which rounds out the character.



Heat unleashes garlicked herbs, which appear on the frontage above some funky cheese and pine. The base is berry, which brings some tart notes amidst sweet earths to balance the flavours. In the spectrum of typical cannabis tastes, I’d argue it ends up being a strange composition. Character is hard to call, it’s a story that starts the same but ends differently each time its read. Always the same funky opener, but the interpretation of the dry down changes. Some times I relate it to a GSC, other times it seems reminiscent of a blue diesel.



I found the effects cerebrally fraying but physically charging, if that makes sense. For instance, I used Unicorn Poop while writing this review (as I do for all my reviews), seems like it’s gone ok so far, but I look forward to quitting ASAP, to go find a manual task to perform, something that doesn’t require concentrated thought. I’ve also found this good for exercise, I don’t mind going for a quick jog after the effects have set in. Again, thats my experience with it, probably won’t be yours. If you reading this somehow increases your likelihood of exercise, I suppose that’s not so irresponsible.

The testing slip Taylor provided notes this has 22.2% THC in decarboxylated form.

The other thing I note is the collection of CBD, CBC and CBN that were present in acidic form but were not detectable without the carboxylic acid. Conversely, THCV and CBG were detectable in decarboxylated form, in roughly a 1:9 ratio, respective.



Like the Orange Cookie MAC 10 review, I’m offering critical comment on these home grow reviews, which I don’t normally do. I show the grids, which you can zoom into. I did, and found them free of small proto-seeds, which I see in cannabis from all sources. A notable positive I think can be attributed at the phenotypic level.

Comparatively, this Unicorn Poop had the worst performance in a joint, I found. The taste was occluded by a tarry note. I’d also fell you the smoke hit the palate at a hotter temperature. Check the pictures, the ash appears relatively white internally. Externally, it’s near black and I can see some unburnt paper in the ash.

I stand by the comments shown above. I ground with the same grinder, rolled with the same paper, and tried to roll all 6 joints equally. From start to finish, all  joints were burned within an hour of rolling. Same lighter, same lungs. The major variation between them  was the flower rolled into it. I’ve had joints that smoke softly in this configuration, and I’ll leave it in Taylor’s capable hands to make the adjustments that he feels necessary. My concern is how to weight these observations when communicating quality to readers of this website, because even with the comments made above, I’d still relate the quality of this Unicorn Poop as well above average. To me it didn’t matter, but it might to someone else.


Thanks again to Taylor King for sending this in. You can check back to Taylor’s grow of Capulator’s Orange Cookie Mac #10 for more information on how this was grown. Next time, we’ll look at a Papaya Cake, White OG cross called Harry Palms.